[APP][Pro] Solcast - Solar Forecasts

you need 2 devices.
There is no option to combine at this moment.

You could combine with a virtual device, but you would need to take into account clipping etc.

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Should be fixed in latest version

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One more question. The app offers possibility to upload the current production. But having two sites, only one site is updated with the given value using the app flow.
Will/can you add an upload flow action for a device (one site)?

But I have to check first if it’s somehow possible to get the two values for each grid from the Fronius app… If not, I think about defining only one site combining north and south. That’s a bit inaccurate for forecast, but easier to handle in devices/flows.

yeah I can fix that.
Will do in next test version

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Another question…
Do you know what is expected in upload function? The AC power output of the inverter or the DC input from the panels?

The app can upload your PV output every 5 minutes to improve the model.
The upload needs to have your PV output in kW!, most of the solar apps use watt, so you have to divide the output by 1000.

So AC output, as Solcast takes into account clipping

Thanks for your fast responses :smiley:
In this case I’ll better create only one site for both roof parts as the inverter has only the combined AC output.
So it’s easier to handle the data/devices and updates.

But the device dependent upload would be nice anyway for all having two inverter and two real sites.

Thanks again for your work :+1:

I confirm manual triggers works now for both strings, excellent job and thank you !

As a consequence of the new flow cards, you have to make your flow cards again.
The previous upload and polling action cards have now been changed.

I had no other way to do this, so I am sorry


The forecast today is not updated since 4 days. Is it only me or is it a bug? Other values are updated.
Automatic polling is active with 10 calls a day (7 done for today).

Hi, today the daily forecast was updated.

But still a question about this value.
Remaining today gets updated during the day, but daily forecast not. Is this correct? So forecast is the original data at start of the day and if weather changes, the remaining data is updated (also higher than the forecast)?

Yes correct, remaining today can become more then the original daily forecast.

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Just FYI, I asked SolCast support, if there is some solution for me to increase API calls in case I have 2 strings - surprisingly they replied by increasing API calls to 20, which is great and sufficient for me as home-hobby user. So seems to be pretty good service :wink:


nice this upload and this average calculation app. Also will fix it on the solaredge app when you have a battery. else it won’t be correct like on HA

so how does this improve model works? they will adjust or give you some feedback?

They discontinued the pv tuning, but I still upload the data and it still works.

Before the uploaded data was used for pv tuning the model.


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