[APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Yes tried this manually, but doesn’t help for my situation.

Have you set fixed IP in router for your vaccum?

Yes I gave all my IoT static IP.
It dropped connection again BTW, just now.

Wow my Xiaomi STYJ02YM even works with this app :slight_smile: Connected as the S50 in the app.

Will you update the app to SDk3 for new homey pro ?


@Justin Will the app be updated so it will continue to work with Homey 2023?

Currently the app is abandoned and we are even not sure if @Justin is even interested on transferring this app :-((
Maybe someone living in NL can invite him for cofee in his shop to change his mind otherwise I don’t see other option, he is not responding even to mails

That would be such a shame :frowning: Let’s hope that he will!

Last seen on the forum Jan 13, '22 …

…and no reply on emails anymore. ;-(

If I own a Roborock S7 Pro Ultra (MaxV) someday, I can take a lot at this app. (Maybe May, or June is planed to buy one)
As I would also need this app for personal use.


Hm, are you saying I shall upgrade … ? :speak_no_evil:

I really don’t know how hard this will be to upgrade.

I was kind of joking, because by your comment it’s the first light we can see at the end of the tunnel. Really appreciated, a pity that I’m not sure if @Justin will even cooperate on any handover. :no_mouth:

Then I’ll write a new app :slight_smile:


Im backing up spkesDE, i have a robrock s6 max and can’t live without it, It’s one of the best things that has entered my home. Ill be rooting for you!


I can see there are discussions on the future of this app, and that is sad. But in case there is a future, my small request would be a flow card for selecting the map to use. As of now, when I move the robot to another part of the house with a base, or just after having run in a room that has its separate map, unless I explicitly change it back to the one with the automated cleaning, the automated cleaning will not run until fixed, since all rooms don’t exist in the other map.

@Justin If you don’t have time to update the app anymore, would it be possible to transfer the app to another developer, or let someone else help you to convert the app to the new SDK

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Unfortunately Justin is not responding to mails, nor messages nor tags, also hasn’t been here for very long time (last time I checked) - HOWEVER, it looks like we have Jelger / Phuturist, who has rewritten Xiaomi Mi Home app and vacuum robots are there.

It’s full of bugs, but Jelger is so far very responsive - try it, I’m just testing my Roborock S6 and so far I can added it but there is some bug - Featurerequest - Room cleaning · Issue #165 · jghaanstra/com.xiaomi-miio · GitHub

Also if you see it will work for you, don’t forget to donate, there is actually bounty running and we are on 50%…

There was and still be a LOT of effort required from the developer…imagine the size of the rewrite…



Yes, that’s why i did a nice donation, would be great if the Roborocks will be added. Please note that he still needs some donations!

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