[APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:
Problem is that it seems we don’t have the same version, it looks like I can not name my rooms?

In first post in this thread:
4. Make sure that you give all the rooms a name, else it won’t get a ID;

Maybe you need to update your mobile app?

Yes I was notic that. The app is up to date.
I think my Roborock is to old S5. Strange that I can find 4 of my 6 rooms and everything else is working perfectly. Mabey someone with an S5?

The problem is fixed, the remaining 2 rooms was 1 and 2 :flushed: strange!!

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Hi @Justin , are you still around ? Will you update your app to SDK3 please ?

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A workaround for those with alexa is to use the Alexa APP to send commands to the Robot through the Roborock skill in Alexa.

Example. Use the “Have a device run the XXXXX command” flowcard and fill in: “Alexa, ask robo rock to clean the NAME_OF_ROOM” where the XXXXX is.