[APP][Pro] Roborock Vacuum Cleaners

Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile:
Problem is that it seems we don’t have the same version, it looks like I can not name my rooms?

In first post in this thread:
4. Make sure that you give all the rooms a name, else it won’t get a ID;

Maybe you need to update your mobile app?

Yes I was notic that. The app is up to date.
I think my Roborock is to old S5. Strange that I can find 4 of my 6 rooms and everything else is working perfectly. Mabey someone with an S5?

The problem is fixed, the remaining 2 rooms was 1 and 2 :flushed: strange!!

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Hi @Justin , are you still around ? Will you update your app to SDK3 please ?


A workaround for those with alexa is to use the Alexa APP to send commands to the Robot through the Roborock skill in Alexa.

Example. Use the “Have a device run the XXXXX command” flowcard and fill in: “Alexa, ask robo rock to clean the NAME_OF_ROOM” where the XXXXX is.

Has anyone been able to connect the s7 maxv yet? I keep getting “Could not connect to device, handshake timeout” message.

Hello users,

I only want my roborock to go to the bin after it is ready with cleaning. i already have a flow to go to the correct location. but seems i cannot find a trigger to go there after the cleaning is finished…anybody?

When cleaning begins a flow is activated.
WHEN Staus changed to docked
THEN Goto position bin. Deactivate the flow itself.
Sometimes vaccum will reach dock for half a minute before going to bin but it works.

I’ve also added a stopwatch and an if card so that it only goes to bin after x minutes of cleaning. This way it doesn’t go to the bin after a quick cleaning of one room

I have also a timer. In addition the go to bin is not running immediately if I am away. If I am away the vaccum stays in dock charging until it is fully charged.

sorry, I’m a big noob. just have the homey since yesterday.
super for the fast response btw.

WHEN status changed to dock → got it (I hoped there was a status saying cleaning is complete, but in the first couple of stickies I see there is none available)
THEN Go to bin position → already tested this, so that should work.

how do I add the timer? I just want it to go to the bin after a clean for let’s say +15 minutes.
I see an additional app called timer and chronogaph, I guess i would need something like that?
can some of you share your flow?

PS does the cleaning schedule also needs to be in Homey? or can I use the ones I already have in Xiaomi Home?

As you can see I’m a complete noob in this.
I was thinkig about something like this:

WHEN: roborock starts
THEN: start timer
(I miss something like IF :slight_smile: )
IF roborock timer exceeds 15 min
AND is docked
THEN: go to coördinates + end timer

can you also link multiple flows together? to make something like this to avoid the “IF”?
Flow 1:
WHEN: roborock S5 MAX starts
THEN: start timer
→ link timer/flow
Flow 2:
WHEN: timer exceeds 15 min
AND: roborock is docked
THEN: go to coordinates + end timer

probably I’m thinking way to difficult…

Update: I managed to get it working with “chronograph”

Flow 1: Shared Flow | Homey
Flow 2: Shared Flow | Homey

Yes, it works fine with my S7 MaxV. To be sure: You need to use the Xiaomi mobile app on your phone, add the S7 there. Then use the tool in the start post of this thread to retrieve the Token needed to add the S7 using the Roborock app on your Homey.

I think it’s a bit confusing with the same app name on different devices.

Mobile phone: Use the Xiaomi app, NOT the Roborock app.
On Homey: Use the Roborock app (the one from this forum thread).

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Hey, just got this installed but not getting all the logic card possibilities. Like returning for instance is not available. Wondering if there can be related either to vacuum fw or the app version? Its an S6.

Somebody developed support for the Native Roborock App, which makes token extraction also much easier:

Obviously it’d be cool if that solution finds its way in this code


Hi! Sorry for the late response. I use advance flows but the results is the same. I made it the same as you.

when: roborock starts - start timer
when: roborock stops - pause timer
when: roborock charge or in dock, AND timer exceeds x min THEN go to coordinate THEN reset timer

in the last flow i also checks if the battery of the roborock is over x percent, if it is then it goes to coordinate immediately, if not then it waits 30 min on charging before it goes to its coordinate.

Dont forget to reset the timer when it goes to coordinate or else it wont work more then once.

This is working great, however, I have noticed some of the status changes aren’t being displayed correctly.
I am getting Status: unknown-22, unknown-23 and unknown-26. I think these might be useful to know if the vacuum could not reach the target.

Hi guys,
I’m using Homey over a month now, all the time with Roborock app.
However, the last few weeks the connection between Roborock (S7) and Homey is often dropping, while I can still reach my S7 through the Xiaomi app on Android and Apple?
If I setup a new Wifi connection (and the token) changes, it works for a few days and then stops working again.

Time to time I need to restart Roborock app and it works for me. So every morning at 5.00 a flow restart Roborock app.
You need to activate “Power user” in Experiments setting to restart an app by flow.