[APP][Pro] Plejd

I just created it. The diagnostic code is e95ea99d-7622-4dc1-9276-5814ef854dd6–

Thanks! I just released a new version of the app. Verify that you have version 3.3.1 and then try to remove and then add your dal-01 devices again. If it still dosen’t work please send me a new error/diagnostic report.

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upgraded to 3.3.1. Removed DAL-01 and SPR-01 devices. Added DAL-01 and SPR-01 devices via Plejd app. Restarted Homey.
DAL-01 can be dimmed now
SPR-01 the dim possibility has removed as needed
All works fine. Perfect. Thanks a lot for the quick fix.

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@Emil_Ohman I just got my homey pro (2023) and set up to connect to Plejd. it finds the device when I went through the setup but it comes with the connecting to BLE mesh issue. could you help me troubleshoot this?

If it is related to the new Homey Pro and if there’s anything I can do to help you test the hardware please do tell.


Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 10.05.53


I am seeng the exact same thing. All my 22 Plejd devices are detected at install but get the above error when trying to access them. Could it be that I still have the old Pro (the spheric thingy) connected at the same time? Since a backup of the old system doesn’t work on the new I was thinking it’s better to add the apps one by one.

Just got the new Homey Pro 2023, restored to my backup from the 2019 Pro. All apps and even Zigbee works except Plejd. Red exclamation marks on all devices and have the “connecting to Plejd BLE mesh”

Here’s a diag report done a couple of minutes after an app (Plejd) restart


The app doesn’t work on the new Homey Pro 2023 for anyone. Athom has problems with BLE and the new hardware. If you go to Homey Developer Tools and press the Discover Devices button you should see your Plejd devices as P mesh in the result list. This works great on the old Homey but not on the new one.


Thanks, good to know where the issue lies.
hopefully they’ll fix the BLE issues soon :slight_smile: