[APP][Pro] Plejd

I have bought this Plejd product and I can’t get it to work with Homey.

Both the normal and the test version of the app gives me the same result.

Isn’t this product supported or am I doing something wrong?


What device (e.g. DIM-01) do have attached to the button? You can add that device to Homey, not the Button it self.


I will respond you on Github.

I have multiple DIM-01, DAL-01, SPR-01 (smart plug). Turning them on and off works perfect. I can’t set the dim level of the DAL-01, because it is not shown in the device details.

For the SPR-01 I can set the dim level, which is strange since it is a relay.
The DIM-01 works as expected.
Plejd app v3.2.5, Homey Pro 8.0.8

Any thoughts?

For all of you with connection problems:

There is a known problem with BLE on all Homey models with id homey4d reported to Athom here: BLE - Connection problem · Issue #245 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub
To see the modelId for your device go to Homey Developer Tools and login with your Homey login and read the homeyModelId. Should be something similar to: homey2s or homey4d.

If you have the homey4d model you’ll most likely have problems with connecting to your Plejd devices, receive timeouts and connections gets lost.

I have two Plejd BLE devices now.

Just added them both and they seem to work fine.
How can you see the last working route?
Under Bluetooth LE, I only see the one I added first. Why can’t I see the second one connected or is this how mesh works?

The DAL-01 are DALI Dimmers. Are they not supported yet?

I Have several Plejd Wall switches and they keep losing connection, sometimes one button works sometimes more.
Would it help if I added a gateway?
I just have wall switches from Plejd
Where can i get plejd experimental?

What even weirder is that 2 switches are programmed for separate lights and one of the Switches shuts both of them down.

I have a Homey3d