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This is my diagnostic report code.


Having some timeout issues with all Plejd devices after around 30-40 minutes, plejd app on homey is still connected via BLE but devices still timeout.

I need to restart Plejd app on homey to reach them again


@Sigurd_Nilsen @Henning_Reginiussen You both get timeouts after some time. I have no idea why. Probably because of a problem with Homey. I have reported the problem to Athom and they are working on it: BLE - Connection problem · Issue #245 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub

Is homey compatible with plejd SPR-01 smart plug as well?


Får melding om å logge inn med brukernavn og passord , og bruker mail adresse og passord som jeg bruker plejd appen med , men klarer ikke å logge inn , og derfor klarer jeg ikke å legge til noe i homey . Hva er galt ?

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I don’t have one my own but it should work. Just add it as general plejd device and you should be able to toggle it on and off.

Ok, stange. It still works for me. I’ll send you a DM so we can look into it together.

Thanks for an awesome app!

I’ve added almost 20 Plejd-dimmers (DIM-01 and DIM-02) and they have been working great since I added them more then a week ago.

Might I ask for a feature request here? If you can add functionality for double press on the physical switches - this app would be complete for me :heart_eyes:

The app successfully connects with my account and lists all my Plejd devices. Homey reports the devices as turned on / off when I click them in homey, but nothing responds (the lights don’t turn on / off). Any idea why this is? (I’ve connected the Plejd hub and activated “remote access” as well)

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I have the same issue. This means, I can’t trigger a flow by turning on the lights on the switch on the Wall. It works if I press the button in the Homey app.