[APP][Pro] Piggy Bank

There was just reported a very bad crash bug that would make the app crash for all new users (not existing users that had already configured the app). It was fixed in version 0.15.3. I am sorry for everyone that was affected.

While I’m testing sparegris, I find that I from time to time have to visit the app config, just to check what zones are active / inactive. Would it be possible to gat that info in the “sparegris innsikt” unit?

Thus far, my testing is going well, I think I will rely on sparegris in the future (as opposed to my home-brewed flows).

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Sure, but my options are a bit limited considering the very minimalistic interface Athom provides. I think at best I might be able to provide a custom capability that show a text-string that contains the status of all the zones, but I worry that it may be a bit “messy”. Alternatively I could fake a new UI through the media-interface by showing it as album art: Capabilities - Homey Apps SDK :joy: (I might do exactly this for graph generation later anyway, but it feels a bit odd)
Any thoughts?

Thank you, I will do my best to make it as reliable as possible :slight_smile:

I had a look at the capabilities you linked to, and I agree, they are rather limited :slight_smile:
Perhaps the easiest would be to just show a text string containing only the disabled zones, ala the texts provided in the app configuration?

Least messy is if I create a capability called “Disabled Zones” and just list the disabled ones, I might have to just cap it with “…” if the text string becomes too long though.

Sounds OK to me!

In version 0.16.2 you will now find this:

Will be populated with data once time lapses…

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Unfortunately this is totally unacceptable as elhub demand a fee of NOK 4.250,- per month for any third party to retrieve data :sob: (which doesn’t fit very well with my income from this app = NOK 0,-)

And (which would be more relevant for this case), Elhub states that they do not support any API for individuals to retrieve their own data machine-to-machine.

So I guess the next best option would be to let you connect to the meter reader instead.