Is there a way to run apps like EVCC.IO in Homey?
There exists an Home Assistant Addon of EVCC.io, can something similar exist for Homey?

Piggy Bank The developer @frodeheg is already busy with automatically charging at low price rates, I think the mechanism is similar.


[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year (feature requests) maybe. The developer @Gruijter might have an idea or two. He also developed the Sessy Smart Battery app
Imho charging a home battery at the best moments or charging a car that way is very similar?

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunatly, I think evcc does much more than just charge at lowest rates.

I for example use it now to charge with maximum solar power.
Evcc can connect to my Solaredge inverter, Alfen charger and the VW ID car to olan and optimize the charging process.

And it supports a wide range of solar or battery inverters, energymeters, cars,…

Charging at the lowest price is actually a secondary feature of “Piggy Bank”.
The main feature is to limit the power import so it does not exceed certain limits. This is mostly applicable to Norway and Belgium which have these limits embedded into the grid cost.

This means that if you want to maximize the use of solar power you can tell the app to charge every hour but never import more power than x kWh, then it will maximize the charger within that limit, so if you say for example that the limit is 1 kWh, but your production is 5 kW then it will try to charge at 6 kW and automatically adjust down if the production goes down.

…however, this kind of use may not be optimal as Solar power support is not completely implemented yet and as such there is a built-in limit that doesn’t increase the power usage right away when more power becomes available. Instead, it can wait up to 5 minutes before increasing the usage again after having limited the power due to reaching the power limit. I have added a task to refine this to my list of solar-power improvements to the app, thanks for letting me know.


ok, thanks a lot for the info.
I will hopefully have my Homey Pro in a couple of weeks, just received notification that it will soon ship.
I will look into it and test it