Is there a way to run apps like EVCC.IO in Homey?
There exists an Home Assistant Addon of EVCC.io, can something similar exist for Homey?

Piggy Bank The developer @frodeheg is already busy with automatically charging at low price rates, I think the mechanism is similar.


[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year (feature requests) maybe. The developer @Gruijter might have an idea or two. He also developed the Sessy Smart Battery app
Imho charging a home battery at the best moments or charging a car that way is very similar?

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunatly, I think evcc does much more than just charge at lowest rates.

I for example use it now to charge with maximum solar power.
Evcc can connect to my Solaredge inverter, Alfen charger and the VW ID car to olan and optimize the charging process.

And it supports a wide range of solar or battery inverters, energymeters, cars,…

Charging at the lowest price is actually a secondary feature of “Piggy Bank”.
The main feature is to limit the power import so it does not exceed certain limits. This is mostly applicable to Norway and Belgium which have these limits embedded into the grid cost.

This means that if you want to maximize the use of solar power you can tell the app to charge every hour but never import more power than x kWh, then it will maximize the charger within that limit, so if you say for example that the limit is 1 kWh, but your production is 5 kW then it will try to charge at 6 kW and automatically adjust down if the production goes down.

…however, this kind of use may not be optimal as Solar power support is not completely implemented yet and as such there is a built-in limit that doesn’t increase the power usage right away when more power becomes available. Instead, it can wait up to 5 minutes before increasing the usage again after having limited the power due to reaching the power limit. I have added a task to refine this to my list of solar-power improvements to the app, thanks for letting me know.


ok, thanks a lot for the info.
I will hopefully have my Homey Pro in a couple of weeks, just received notification that it will soon ship.
I will look into it and test it


I use EVCC to load my car with PV-Power, it works very well.
What do you miss, that you want to integrate it in Homey? The EVCC works very well for its own and I don´t miss anything at the moment.

Just ordered my EV.

Now investigating evcc and which wall charger to take.

As homey functionalities it would be nice to know how for the ev is full, and when it is I can start charging my electric boiler setup.

So mostly I need just a few integers of the state. So in can create better followups

Just fiddling with MQTT now, for now i am able to get my P1 meter readings form homey to EVCC via MQTT. So no extra hardware was needed there.

Next week i will figure out if i can get EVCC states via MWTT into Homey, as EVCC publishes a lot on its own MQTT client.

I connect EVCC via MQTT to Homey. Works really well

I do have some issues with the mqtt hub not publishing anymore. A restart helps for this, haven’t had the time to figure out the reason of scenario why this happens.

But when it works, it works perfectly for evcc indeed.

I‘m not using the hub at all. I have the mqtt broker running on the raspberry where EVCC runs. On Homey I‘m only using the mqtt client.

Just started with a test installation of EVCC. I run it in docker on my Synology NAS, and cannot fully test it because I need to buy a sponsor token to interface with my Alfen charging station for the BEV. EVCC seems to run well with reading my 2 Shelly 3EM meters. Next step would be to add the charging station for the car and interface with homey with MQTT.

One question I have which is still open after browsing trough a lot of information; is EVCC able to send by MQTT to Homey what the current charging power is of the charging station? O can find some information about which information is send by MQTT, but I’m not sure if that is all information. I would like to have this question answered before I purchase the sponsor token for EVCC :wink:
Hopefully anyone here can provide a list with information shared by EVCC by MQTT, or it least confirm if the current charging power of the charging station is shared.

I was able to test this today. I thought I was unable to test it, because my charging point (Alfen Eve) requires a sponsorship token in evcc. But the idea came into my mind to temporary assign one of my shelly3em devices as charging meter in evcc. This made it possible to test and with mqtt explorer see which information is send to the mqtt broker. The current charging power (and a lot of other information) is shared!

mqtt explorer really helps to easily see which message you need to use in Homey te be able to do something with the information received.

Next step was to acquire a sponsor token to be able to interface with my Alfen Eve Single Pro charging point. So now I finally have a virtual device added in Homey showing the actual charging power of the charging point. :wink:

Yes, evcc works fine for me with homey via mqtt. I only had problems with my charger not charging the car once. Only to remember I had set evcc to only charge with sun. And it was winter :slight_smile: After switching to fast charge it worked of course.