[APP][Pro] Norwegian Electricity Bill (Strømregning)

Thanks so much again. I’ve changed to that price, so now I’ll move on to integrate this with Heating Controller. Thanks again for amazing apps!

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I’m having an issue with Tibber’s “Consumption Since Midnight” to update energy of Utility Bill. It works well until midnight. At that point, when the Utility Bill is looking at how much energy has been used since last update, it goes "last time it was 58kWh, now it’s 0, so that’s 0-58 = -58kWh, and my energy graphs end up looking like saw tooth. It’s depicted below. The same is true of “Energy Used This Year”, it keeps resetting to 0 every night.

Since I have the exact energy usage from Tibber, it seems the optimal way to update, so it’d be sweet if this would work as expected. Still looks like cost seems to work?

If you calculate the difference you might be able to fix the calculation to avoid -58 kWh by using max( A - B, 0 ).

I advise you to use the “Power changed” (Strømmen ble endret") for the “Update consumption with X W” (Oppdater forbruk med X W) - card. It should be accurate enough for most cases.

Thanks again for the reply - I guess it makes a strong case for using power.

Thanks! And that doesn’t mess up the monthly cost or anything?

I currently have this “elegant” thing:

@balmli can I suggest a translation improvement? I think you’ve used the word “utility” like you have due to the phrase “utility cost” and how electricity normally is talked about as a part of utilities in English.

It’s a bit confusing, since I use English despite being Norwegian, to easily see my cost for electricity from the various parameters of the “Utility”. I think the word “Electricity bill”, even for the App makes more sense.

“Utility price” and “Utility last month” is very unintuitive. I had to compare the “utility this month” vs “Sum monthly cost” and I guess this is the price for the electricity excluding the grid cost. The word “utility” implies a total cost in this context. I’d suggest using “Electricity cost” instead.

“Electricity bill” seems to better describe what this app does. The ‘unit’ name could also be improved. Something like “Electricity bill component” or “Power component” could better describe that it can be used to see part of your bill by feeding it the energy meter of a smart device. I was a bit lost when I first downloaded the app due to the naming and the two different device types.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will fix it in a later release.

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It seems to be a bug with decimal separator settings for “Månedlig fastbeløp for strøm”
If one use comma as a decimal separator as is used elsewhere in the app, You get an error message: “Ugyldig formel for månedlig fastbeløp for strøm: Could not parse formula: incorrect syntax?”

Using “.” as a decimal separator is accepted.


Somebody knows if it’s possible to get the graph I can see in my Tibber app also in Homey?
I can see the current price and the rest of the day + after 1 o clock I can also see the prices for tomorrow.
This is not available for me in Homey.


The formula is parsed the same way as other “javascript formulas”, eg. with the logic card “Calculate <variable> as <formula>”.

You cannot use “,” as a decimal separator in logic cards either. That does not work.

Skjermbilde 2022-07-28 kl. 14.57.59

For number fields in settings, Athom supports both “.” and “,” for the web app and the mobile app.

Hi, I just discovered that your app has this nice API to extract the future price.
Do you mind if I use this in my new app Sparegris App for Homey | Homey ?

If it’s ok I need to add a recommendation in my app to install your app too :wink:
However, I can’t do this unless I am certain that the API will remain stable in the future, so it will be nice if you can inform me about any changes to the API in advance if you plan to publish new releases later.


Yes, go for it !

The API is already in use for the Heating Controller and Tesla Smart charger apps.

I will try to remember to inform you of any changes. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Is it possible to edit the grid capacity (kW), not only the prices?
HLK nettleie


Thanks for a great app!

My power supplier (Sygnir) har different levels for each kW used, while in your app it goes from step-wise from 0-2kW, 2-5kW etc. Would it be possible to enable different prices for each kW used, so that the calculations are more accurate?


[EDIT: Now in english]

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Interesting, I thought this was the same for every electricity company. If this is added to this app then I would love an exporter for that as well :slight_smile:

No, that’s not possible right now.

I understand the wish, but that will require a lot of work.


The Capacity tier is wrongly calculated. This one is with 0-2kWh + 2-5kWH added together. = 325 + Consumption. And is 125 kr to high.

OK, thanks for reporting!