[APP][Pro] Norwegian Electricity Bill (Strømregning)

@Articate Can you please install and check the latest test-version (1.4.10), with updated English texts?

And report to me if it’s OK or not :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed response. I think that makes all the difference - it’s easier to differentiate what’s what. Thanks for the update!

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If you see something regarding English language, please let me know

How’s the intended use for Monthly cost? It seems it has to be manually reset? Mine’s an accumulation of all time, despite the name being “Sum Monthly Cost”


It should be reset automatically.

Can you check Insights ?

Hi, Bjørnar love the app.

I want to share how I use it to see actual cost after Norwegian government support from 01 September 2022.

I added a new ‘Electricity Bill’ device for this, so I can see the price both with and without support.

I use this price formula:


The formula is only correct as long as the price is above 70 øre, and it is only an estimate as the Norwegian government support is calculated bast on the monthly average price.

Ah, you’re absolutely right. My bad. The grid cost was higher than I expected it was, so pure oversight on my part. Thanks for the reply!

The issue with this is that you’re dealing with hourly spot price, whereas the government supports us based on the monthly spot price. You’ll get widely varying results based on when you put your usage. The best way to get your actual cost is to wait for NordPool’s monthly price, then: MONTHLY PRICE - 0.7NOK * 0.9 * MONTHLY USAGE = what you get back

I assume this is not the case with this app too or is it?

No :slight_smile:

phew… hehe :slight_smile:
I can’t exactly say that time conversions on Homey are easy given that they have completely broken the os representation of local time making their own quasi-time. I got a headache trying to work with the time on Homey, not exactly straightforward.

Is there any way to get hourly price after payback from goverment? Would love to hav it in the app. Shold be plausble to do for app developer?

Yes, but not all that useful, since the payback is unknown until the month has ended. Sure it would be possible to have a running average price during the month and calculate based on that, but the result would always be wrong unless by chance the final average price ends up being the same as the current average value at the moment you look at it.

I see no point in adding this to the app, to be honest. If you really want that, then you can create it yourself using some simple logic and a flow.

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What is the difference between the ‘UtilityCosts’ and ‘UtilityCostsDevice’ devices? It is not clear to me what the purpose of the UtilityCostsDevice is.
I see from the Price API that you are only querying prices from ‘UtilityCosts’ so if some users only have the UtilityCostsDevice installed they get no price from the API. Is this a bug or is it intended? Are they using your app incorrectly? Not sure if I should create a pull request that fetches prices from UtilityCostsDevice as well or tell the users to install the other device. How should I proceed?

    async getPrices(): Promise<void> {
        const driver = this.homey.drivers.getDriver('UtilityCosts');
        const devices = driver.getDevices();
        if (devices.length > 0) {
            // @ts-ignore
            return devices[0].getPrices();

The purpose of a UtilityCostsDevice is to send it power measurements from a real device (using a flow), and thus keep track of the exact costs of that device. You would typically create many such devices, one for each real device that you want to track costs for.

The main ‘UtilityCosts’ would typically be fed the power measurements for the whole house (i.e measurements from your main power meter/AMS), and so keep track of the total costs for everything.

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Ah, ok thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanx for clarifying!