[APP][PRO] Nibe MyUplink


I am interested in this app as well!
I have a Nibe F730 heatpump, and today I successfully migrated from the old Nibe uplink to the new MyUplink.

If you need me as guinea pig as well let me know!


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Is it also possible to extend this app to connect a heatpump by modbus from another brand?
I have the registers etc.

This app supports heatpumps connected through MyUplink.
I am communicating the API exposed by MyUplink in oreder to control the heatpump.
If you pump can be connected to MyUplink, we can make it work.

Good news, I finished the implementation and initial testing (except for setting “smart home mode” which will be tested later).
I submitted the app to Homey store, and I am now waiting from them to approve it.
I hope it will be quick… :slight_smile:


no. it’s only by modbus. I thought Nibe is as well.

Funny, I just did the exact same thing :joy:

Is there a test version to play with while we wait for it to get approved? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, they provide a test link only after the first submission is approved.
I hope it will happen right after the weekend.
I will post the testlink on this forum the moment they approve.

I am happy to see people are interested in this app. I think it came out pretty cool… :slight_smile:



Can’t wait to see how it turned out!!

Hey! I just found this thread, and I would love to take this app for a test spin with my heat pump. What is interesting for me, is that MyUplink is also used by CTC for their heat pumps, ie I have a CTC ecozenith 350 which was upgraded to 360 which is the connected display. So I have creds for Myuplink to try out. Would be interesting to know if the API is any different compared to the Nibe one.

Since I have lately been getting some alarms on my heat pump, and it actually turns off completely when it does, I am interested in this. MyUplink will send me an email when this happens, but lately I have been trying to get Homey to trigger bells and whistles for this to wake me up if it happens at night. So that would be my first main ask, to get a flow card about alarms triggered.

Also, since I have started running HA in parallell to Homey, a quick search gave me that there is an HACS integration with MyUplink here. I may try it out tomorrow to see what it gives. GitHub - jaroschek/home-assistant-myuplink: Custom Home Assistant integration for devices and sensors in myUplink account.

My FTX system has been a hassle to get into Homey, and just today I got it in there through mqtt to HA, so I am currently building some hybrid solutions… So the alarm thing may be possible with the above mentioned integration…

My app does support triggering on a new alarm. You can also get the details about the alarm on the flow tokens, so you can choose which alarms you would like to respond to.
Once I publish the test link, let me know if integration with your pump works. If not, we can try to make it work together.

Guys - good news!
Homey approved the app, and a test-link is created.
Please go ahead an install the app, after reading the installation instruction at the front page.

Please notice one imporant note:
If you are configuring your device and would like to add / change the names of the data-points for capabilities, please do not copy and paste the names of the capabilities from the text box at the bottom of the configuration page. Just type it manually with the keyboard.
This bug was fixed in a later version which will be published soon.
Also - the next version will include Energy measurements based on the Power-data-point, so if you would like to see the energy of the device - its comings soon :slight_smile:

Looking forward for any kind of feedback you have: bugs, new ideas, things you could not achieve, things that are not clear, even typos - every feedback is valuable!


Do I need to connect it via ID and client secret?
Isn’t it more neat if it can login via myuplink and then select your heatpump?
Or am I doing it wrong? :slight_smile:

KR, Nick.

Okay it worked, never mind!
My heatpump is added.

How can I increase/decrease the temp, or change vent from 1 to 5.
It’s kinda confusing what I need to pick where in the flow.
But that’s probably my mind :slight_smile:

Does above mean, change temp to 20?

MyUplink requires you to create an “application” on their website in order to be able to access their API.
It’s a common practice, similar to getting an Api-Key in order to make sure you allow integrations to access your devices.
Therefore, we have no choice but to generate a Client-ID and a Client-Secret by following the instructions I mentioned on the readme page:

Configuration Instruction: 1. Create an app on MyUplink website: - Browse to https://dev.myuplink.com/ - Login with your MyUplink Credentials - On the top menu, choose “Applications” - On the Left Menu choose “Create New Application” - Fill in the application name and application description - Leave the “Callback URI” blank - Check the “Accept I accept the myUplink API Services Agreement” checkbox - Click the “Create” orange button You will need the Client-ID and Client-Secret that are presented 2. On the Homey Nibe APP Settings, enter your Client-ID and Client-Secret you got from the previous step. Click on “Save changes” button You should see a green icon saying “Connected Successfully”. 3. Enter the Homey devices page, and add a new Nibe device

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Not sure in your case what is the right parameter.
I can try to find out.
Can you set the temperature to some value in your phone-application, and let me know which value you placed? I can then try to locate the datapoint in your device.

This is what it looks like, makes sense for you?
I put it on 18, from 17,5.

Seems like you have found my first bug :slight_smile:
I do not see this datapoint on your system… (probably because it’s an F-system and not an S-system, so it behaves a bit differently)
Let me dig into it and see where the problem is…

This app worked for CTC i360F to :slight_smile:

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