[App][Pro] Nefit Easy

Ok, I understand. What is this UI component called? I could submit this as a feature request for Homey V2.0 :wink:

It’s the aptly-named Thermostat component :sweat_smile:

@robertklep You can change the steps with capabilitiesOptions.

Cool :slight_smile: Do you know where I can find more info? The docs don’t seem to contain anything relevant.

Yes, check my TEDdocs: Remotec / ThermoFloor repo’s: https://github.com/TedTolboom/no.ThermoFloor/blob/master/app.json#L329

Thanks! :+1:t2:

I cannot set the “tag” field for a temperature threshold. It prompts for e.g. 1.8 Bar
How can I change this tag value for a flow?
Futher the app works fine. Marcel

I’m not on v2 yet myself, so have no idea. However, all I can say is that a lot of people are also having issues with tags in general.

Would it be possible to read presence information from the nefit app? Homey (native, homekit, owntracks) all have issues properly detecting this while my nefit easy always seems to know


Good point, never really looked into it myself (I don’t use the presence feature of the Easy).

Although I assume that it’s implemented in exactly the same way that the other apps implement it, using a default geofencing API from iOS.

I’ve added an issue to remind myself to take a look at it :slight_smile:

I am having troubles adding the devices (i have two Nefit Easy devices). password does not contain specials and not longer than 10 chars, definitly the same as my app password (changed it to be sure).
Any clue where i can find what is going wrong. Further i assumed that the serial and code is a continuous string as on the back of the device.

Help very much appreciated! (on V2.02 for Homey)

Do you get any errors? If so, what are they?

same thing as this one…on both devices

It used to be possible to look at the console log when adding devices on firmware v1.5, which is where the app logs a full error. However, this isn’t possible anymore on firmware v2.

So the only way I can think of to debug this is to install nefit-easy-cli, which requires Node.js to be installed on a desktop computer.

i have node.js on my desktop, must have is on a raspberry also, i had your code running for domoticz. Will check it out and see what errors come back. thx, will report back!

That’s interesting though, if you have it working on Domoticz it should work on Homey, because both are using the exact same underlying library.

I know ;-)…and it is working with the CLI as well, just checked, must be doing the same typo 10 times.

Well that, or there’s something specifically related to firmware v2 that’s causing the problem.

Do you know how to install Homey apps from the command line?

i that using Homey create app install (or something like that when you develop apps)?? I am very new (3 days) to Homey. But done a lot with Domoticz and SmartThings.

i mean Athom…

You can check out the repository for the app:

git checkout https://github.com/robertklep/nl.nefit.easy

Then run it using the athom tool:

cd nl.nefit.easy
athom app run

That will install and run the app, and it will show you more info on why it won’t accept your credentials.

Afterwards, don’t forget to re-install the app (athom app install).