[APP][Pro] LED-Ring collection (Not compatible with Homey Pro 2023)

Good to know.
I don’t use it myself currently and i want to test with LED-ring (since i know how it works) what the easiest way is to start stuff from the Controller device.

After that, ill see which apps can be included to make it real easy to configure 7 or 8 WhiteBalls at the same time.

I just logged into slack :wink:

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But just so you know:
Phase one of the App(s) is very simpel: It allowes for flows on the Satellites, to be started straigt from a flow from the Controller.

Meaning: As long as Apps work an the “White Balls” after 1 jan '23, people can use it and start it from there Controller (main/new Homey).

Ofcourse, this means, that you have to copy/paste al flows on the Satellites (which can be easily done with TFE), so a later phase will be to try to minimize the need for setting up flows on the satellites and creating as many as possible direct flowcards to be configurated only on the Controller.

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So for that last part you need actual access to the apps on other Homeys I guess?

That would be possible via the web api ?

I think for ledring collection it would be really nice if you can have a set screensaver flowcard on the new Homey which actually sets the screensaver on the old Homey.

If that doesn’t work i can make some special functions for it :slight_smile:

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Indeed and yes, that would be lovely!

Yeah, i guess so, i right now have a custom-secured connection between the two Homeys, and they can/could share the tokens to connect with the satellite, giving full Apps API access.

But like i sayed, first i’ll make it fully dynamic (and not-extrem user friendly), then i’ll work (hopefully with conjunction with others) to improve the UI/UX for easy controlling.
(Like the abbility to add buttons to there Homini Devices on there controller, so flows or other actions kan be started directly from the Device-tabs).

New app update (live: 3.0.0):

  • BREAK: update to Homey SDK 3

This will update the LED-Ring collection app to Homey SDK 3. This prevents the app from being hidden in the app store from 01-01-2023.

However this will not mean that this app is available for the new Homey Pro 2023.
Unfortunately the ledring of the new Homey Pro 2023 is not configurable.

This app will stay and will be available only for the White Homey ball.


New app update (live: 3.1.3):

This will add api calls to the ledring app to call it from another app.

Developer info:

 this.ledRingApi = this.homey.api.getApiApp('openmindnl.ledcollection');
//getting all available screensavers:
const getScreensavers = await this.ledRingApi.get('/screensavers');

// Set a screensaver by ID. (ID's can be fetched from call above)
 const setScreensaver = await this.ledRingApi.post(`/screensaver/${sceensaverID}`);

New app update (live: 3.1.5):

  • FIX: Set compatibility for Homey 2023 (prevent app crash)

Note this only prevents the app from crashing on a Homey 2023. The app will NOT function due to the lack of LEDring support on the new Homey

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Hi, in Homey for 2023, the paterns from the Led Ring Collection app are not showing up in the flow. Is the app for Homey for early 2023 fully supported? Otherwise great work!!! Thanks Ivo

Hi @Ivo_Kapalin
No this app is not supported for Homey 2023

Athom removed all ledring support. Unfortunately theres no way to block this app from install on a Homey 2023 :frowning:

Can you make possible to change LED color on Homey Bridge when it is used as a satellite for Homey Pro 2023?

Hi @Joakim_Roer
No this app is not supported for Homey 2023

Athom removed all ledring support. Unfortunately theres no way to block this app from install on a Homey 2023 :frowning:

That’s not entirely true any more… On the LED ring Knowledge Base page: “Next to the animations listed, any Flow can also show an animation for a short period of time.”
I came here because one of my most useful flows used to set the color based on electricity prices, but after migration I could only get it to work for a second or two, not 60 minutes like I used to. I guess I will have to make a loop in a flow that runs the animate card every few seconds for an hour.

@KarlO thats default Homey behaviour. Not part of this or any other app

Thanks, the max duration is 10 seconds.
I was able to get my electricity price indicator to work again, by using a looped flow - via Countdown Timer. So I run the animation with my selected color every 10 seconds, with a duration of 10 seconds.

@KarlO If you want to see this changed I would really encourage you to contact Athom :slight_smile:

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The app works on my Homey Pro 2023. I use it in a flow that switches off the LED ring in certain situations. However, what I find disturbing is the fact that the timeline always gets a new entry stating that the app does not work on HP2023.

Hey @Andre_Schirmer
This app does’nt work on HP23.
The ledring controls which are available on HP23 are made by Athom.

So the disturbing message is correct and the only option you have is to remove this app from your HP23 as this will never work :wink: also see: [APP][Pro] LED-Ring collection (Not compatible with Homey Pro 2023) - #3 by martijnpoppen

Hi. Thanks for your app. I really miss that LED rings on Homey Pro 2023 as I used the LED ring collection for various flows like “forgot to close the (garage) door” and many more as “status indicator” in the living room. One of the things why I didn’t get the new Homey Pro 2023 yet (also because I miss the speaker)
So as far as I understood one can now only have a Homey Pro 2023 control Homey Pro 2019 flows to keep that.
Checking the market a bit I have not found any e.g. zigbee device that could serve similar status light indicator purposes. Well, probably some color light, but that wouldn’t come with easy flash light or whatsover features. Found some zigbee alarm siren devices, but that’s not exactly it, too.
Did I miss something to cover the “usecase” of the Pro 2019 with led ring collection besides keeping the Homey Pro 2019 just for this purpose?

Hey @Michael_E
Yes this was on purpose by Athom. You can check the ask me anything on youtube were they explain.

As an alternative search on this forum for wled :wink:

Yikes… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60nM-D47F0 they removed it because people messed up flows and their ball flashed red indicating an error causing helpline support… oh no…
But it helped me to understand that the ring this animates, and can use it from flows (not sure how that limits my usecase…, but probably not much), but cannot control it by apps…
Also thanks for pointing me to “wled” as a keyword. Will look into that.
Also will see into the Homesh app as this might also solve the second issue with the speaker without having some “cloud” speaker for it.