[APP][Pro] LED-Ring collection (Not compatible with Homey Pro 2023)

LED-Ring Collection

Personalize the Ledring in Homey.

Not Compatible with Homey Pro 2023

LED Ring displays

  • 20 different patterns.
  • Each pattern in various color displays.


  • Screensaver
  • Warnings in flows.
  • Informative indicators in flows.

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

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:computer: Apps made by @martijnpoppen

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Live version and Test version

Changelog can be viewed on the app page.

:rotating_light: :warning: Important :warning: :rotating_light:

This app doesn’t work on Homey Pro 2023
Athom removed the support for the LedRing controls.


Bedankt voor het overnemen van de app! :+1:


@martijnpoppen The app uses quite a lot of memory? In fact it’s the highest of all my apps and I do have a lot.
This is directly after the app restart:

Are there ways to optimize the app?

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Hi @rvdeijk ,
Yes I’m looking into that.
Already did quite a rewrite of the app when I took it over and ported it to V5.
So hopefully I have a update soon :slight_smile:


New app update (test: 2.3.1 ):

  • NEW: update performance and implement disable/enable per screensaver

Changed implementation to improve performance.
Screensavers consumes a lot of memory.
Because this app has a lot of screensavers Homey is calculating those screensavers all the time. Even when they are not shown on the Ledring.

So to prevent that I implemented an settings page where you can select the screensavers you want. (see attached image). After saving you have to restart the app. Homey will only set the screensavers you selected.

CC: @rvdeijk


Very neat. I use one screensaver, breathing, so…
Great job!
Edit: I lied, lighthouse & solid color too🙃

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Whoops, there’s a little fault in your url,
//test instead of /test

Thanks @Peter_Kawa ,

Also fixed the url :smiley:

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I made a selection & restarted the app afterwards.
I will pause the auto-restart and check the mem usage tomorrow evening again.
It’s still a bit high, maybe I should pick less types/colors.

Now the memory usage is 12,4MB. Didn’t change or restarted anything!

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After the restart there’s a loop which checks for every screensaver to be enabled. That takes quite some memory. After that of should be lower indeed :smiley:

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Nice improvement indeed :+1:t3:

@martijnpoppen Great job and thx for this option and quick fix! :smiley:

Great fix and improvement Martijn! I’m glad you found out about Homey loading all screensavers and about your solution.
And… while creating flows, selection of your fav screensavers is a lot more simple (10 vs a gazillion :wink: )

Yeah exactly.
I think the screensavers itself can be improved too so maybe performance can be even better


Just found this app. It looks great. :grinning:

There’s quite a lot to pick from. Can someone tell me if there is an effect similar to the car KITT in the Tv show Knight Rider, or the Cyclones in the original TV show Battle Star Galactica… ? Thx

Hey Russel,
I think that you can choose the satellite

Cool, I’ll give it a go…

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New app update (test: 2.4.0 ):

  • NEW: add dimmed spectrum - Sort screensavers on i18n name

CC: @Hansie