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Hi, La Metric development team,

I’m a pleased user of My LaMetric for some years now. Of course I saw that there is an Homey app for it, but only on the Homey Pro, not on the Homey Bridge, although development is mentioned. Any plans and timeline that can be shared?

Thanks in advance!

This is a community app, not an app made by Lametric.

I have asked Lametric if they want to take over the app themselves, but they refused. So probably it won’t be available for Homey Bridge.

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Hi Bjørnar

I would like to be able och hide and unhide a a widget, is that possible?


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Apps can be activated, but not sure if it is possible to hide / unhide.

You can have a look at the API doc here if you want:


Thats probably what im looking for, but i would need an deactivate to, and from what i can see theres only activate.

I want to be able to let a app/widget be shown in the rotation under some circumstances

Hi, I am planning to buy a Lametric Time, but the comments on the app page in Homey left me wondering if the integration to Homey currently works? If not, I suppose integrating through IFTTT is a feasible workaround.

The integration in Homey works perfectly.

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Is there a way to turn of the display by flow?

Yes. In dark mode, only three very dimly lit dots are displayed at the bottom left.
Only messages with a high priority are displayed. The display then returns to dark mode.

Next to dark mode, there is a “blackout” app that you can install and enable, that will completely make all the LEDs turn black. It will then still display all notifications too.

Thanks for all the answer. They are really helpful.