[APP][Pro] LaMetric Time (Community App)

Control your LaMetric Time

This app works only on firmware 5.0.0 and newer!

Link to app store (test-version).

Link to community app store.

With this app you can:

  • Send notifications, with icon and sound
  • Activate a specific widget
  • Control the Alarm clock, Radio, Timer, Stopwatch and Weather apps
  • Set the volume
  • Set the brightness of the display

Details about actions (then):

‘Notification (icon code)’ and ‘Notification (icon code and sound)’

Icon codes can be defined as ‘Icon ID’ or in ‘binary format’.

Icon ID looks like XXX, where is “i” (for static icon) or “a” (for animation).
XXX - is the number of the icon and can be found at LaMetric: Web.

Binary icon string must be in this format (png):


or gif:


Release Notes:


  • Trim spaces from icon code


  • Supporting 5000 of the most popular icons
  • Added two actions to specify your own icons


  • Added flows to set clockface


  • Fixed Homey Community ID


  • Removed SSDP discovery


  • First release

Works great. Thank you !

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Awesome, thank you!!!

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could it be possible to add the clockface settings?
It is in the API, and you only need to know the clockface id code: i received a description from La Metric how to do this.

You can change the icon on the clock yourself, using the Local API (Apps — LaMetric v1.8.0 documentation)

First of all, get the clock widget id. You can make request to the LaMetric Time (assuming LaMetric Time is in your local network)

curl “http://{{lametric_ip}}:8080/api/v2/device/apps/com.lametric.clock/widgets/” -u “dev:{{api_key}}”

Where lametric_ip is the device IP address. You can obtain api_key on https://developer.lametric.com under My Devices tab.

The response will look like this:

“actions”: {
“clock.clockface”: {
“icon”: {
“data_type”: “string”,
“name”: “icon”,
“required”: false
“type”: {
“data_type”: “string”,
“format”: “weather|page_a_day|custom|none”,
“name”: “type”,
“required”: false
“package”: “com.lametric.clock”,
“widgets”: {
“08b8eac21074f8f7e5a29f2855ba8060”: {
“index”: 0,
“package”: “com.lametric.clock”,
“settings”: {
“_title”: “Clock”

As you can see, there is one widget with id 08b8eac21074f8f7e5a29f2855ba8060

Now we can send clock.clockface action to the widget with desired icons:

curl -X POST “http://{{lametric_ip}}:8080/api/v2/device/apps/com.lametric.clock/widgets/{{widget_id}}/actions” -u “dev:{{api_key}}” -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -H ‘Accept: application/json’ --data-raw ‘{
“params”: {
“type” : “custom”,
“icon” : “{{icon_data}}”

The type parameter indicates that we want to set custom-defined icon (other possible variant are weather, page_a_day or none). The icon parameter is the icon data in format “data:image/png;base64,”

To sum up, you need to obtain the api key at https://developer.lametric.com/, get your Clock widget id and send icons directly to the widget.


Yes, that’s a good suggestion. I will add two flows: one for switching between: “Weather”, “Page-a-day” and "None, and another flow to set a custom icon.

That is very nice: thank you.

How can i buy you a beer?

Select PayPal :wink:

Check out v. 1.1.0, which has two new flows for adjusting the clockface.

hmm… a question. Maybe I missed something but it looks like that the animated icons can no longer be chosen with this version. I can see the static icons only. Is this a known issue?

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I have a similar issue. I can only select icons up to number 2304.

@Shakesbeard @Juriaan I will have a look at it.

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Thanks in advance for your help. Great app by the way! I realized just now that you have also created the Tesla Smart Charging app! Thanks for making the Homey even more useful for us!

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@Shakesbeard @Juriaan

V.1.2.0 is now ready for testing:

  • Supporting 5000 of the most popular icons
  • Added two actions to specify your own icons

You can use one of the 5000 cached icons in the app, or search for an icon here: LaMetric: Web

Add “i” for static icons or “a” for animation. “a87” is an animated smiley.

Please install, test and report if it’s working / not working as expected :slight_smile:

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I have not checked out the new actions but I can assign the animated icons I used in the old app again. Thanks a bunch!


Thanks for the update! Works like a charm, also the new action cards.

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Send you a small donation for all your work on already a lot of nice apps. Thanks!

Thanks Bjørnar for the update, really nice work! The existing and two new actions work as expected, with one small caveat. If I use a text variable containing an icon number (either with i or a in front), the icon does not show. Using variables in the text of the notification itself do work as expected.

Two minor suggestions:

  • Perhaps in a future version you could merge the different actions to avoid confusion. So one could search for a cached icon or put in a icon reference if not found in the cache.
  • At least on my iPhone, the first letter of a text input is capitalized. But A87 does not seem to work. Perhaps it could be included in the processing of the input that either Axxxx, axxxx, Ixxxx or ixxxx will work.

Again, many thanks for this app!

This could actually be an issue which I faced in one of my apps when trying to pass on an RGB HEX code. If you just assign a token/variable it put a whitespace in front of the value, which is passed to the app code. Maybe we got the same issue here. I just ended up trimming all values I get from flowcards to avoid this problem.

@Juriaan @Shakesbeard

I will trim and remove spaces, plus make sure it’s lowercase for "I"s and "A"s in a future version.

Check v. 1.2.1, with trimmed spaces and lowercase for "I"s and "A"s:

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