[APP][Pro] Knmi (Dutch weather, for Homey firmware v5 or above)

Gaat dit om de homey versie of de App versie?
Ik heb namelijk een early 2019 homey versie 4.2.0 met de App versie

Is het mogelijk om de firmware 4.2.0 te updaten naar 5.0 dan of moet ik dan een nieuwe homey kopen?
Als ik op updates klik zegt ie dat er gee nieuwe updates zijn namelijk

Version 5 is still expirimental. We don’t know when it will be released. No need to buy a new Homey, v5 will come eventually.

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I am reluctant to upgrade to 5.0

Can someone post a screenshot of the data measured ? Curious​:grimacing::+1:

An example api response used in the app is here. That is what the app uses.

I do not see highest expected temp or am i overlooking ?


See also http://weerlive.nl/delen.php and click “Parameters”.

Top … thanks

From your link:

Current value: ‘zonnig’. And that is after removing case inconsistency by a toLowerCase call. So that list is best taken with a grain of salt I guess.

Anyways, currently testing a new version where I moved the device specific trigger cards to the device and added a condition is clear or slightly cloudy, that checks if ‘samenv’ and the likes for expected are any of ‘onbewolkt, licht bewolkt, zonnig’. It’s in the repo, not yet submitted to the store.

Update: I have just submitted this to Athom, might take some time to get it back into testing.

Hi, seems like a great app.
Installed it, but after pasting my API key, the ‘save changes’ button stays greyed out.

any ideas?

Ok, the data is actually saved somehow. I can add the device at my home-screen

Is everything working as expected now?

Some day I will look at those settings pages as I thing they are ugly and should imho blend into the rest of the Homey interface. They are currently like the example (developer link) in the documentation though (and I would expect that to be just fine).

I’ll see if someone else already has something more alike the rest of the app to make these settings pages blend into the app with some confirmation of saving settings etc. Not sure when I’ll get around to that though. I’m not the first to raise that issue, so there must be something.

Anyways, since there still does not appear to be an Athom preferred way of doing this better I created this feature request. We’ll see if the way this app is currently functioning really is the way Athom wants it, or if they perhaps do want it better.

I just pushed a new version that has a little more userfriendly user interface for saving the api key.
It’s still not pretty, but at least there is some form of feedback from hitting the save button.

First impression: GREAT app

It is now live!

For those that have already received Homey v5, they can now install this app.
For those that have not received Homey v5 firmware just jet, it may take up to two weeks for you to get this update.

Before receiving this update I have unchecked experimental updates, and have received the version 5.0.0 update. So as of now I am off the experimental updates again.


Is it possible to set wind directionsnin DEGREES instead of ZO for example ?

Its easier to set a flow “ if wind is between 70 and 120 “ for example

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It would be possible to translate ZO according to this table. That is already possible using this (JavaScript Logic) app though.

Not sure when and if I will have the time to implement this, a pull request is always welcome though.

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Is KNMI providing total daily rain or rain per hour? I am not looking for the expected amount of rain.

The data available is listed on this page under the parameters tab.
So no, it does not list the past day with how much rain has fallen or anything similar.


Thanks for your reply but that is not what I mean.

If you take Dark sky … it shows wind in degrees. Zo will 206 degrees at this point.
I have a flow that reads something like : If the temp is below 3 … and the wind is between 50 to 150 … then lower the blinds ( to keep the cold out :slight_smile: )

Can be done with your suggestion but if you have winddata that shows actual degrees instead of pieces of a pie that would be more precise ( not sure if possible with your weather distributor )

How and why do I need to make a " pull request " ??

thanks for your great app. I can use that now with all my current flows instead of Dark-Sky ( except the wind one :slight_smile: )