[APP][PRO] InfluxDb

Yes, I will have a look at it, after I have a working & tested version for HP23.


Great, i am sure @M_a_r_c_o and others will be very happy :wink:

Does this mean that the InfluxDB app will always have a dependency on the BLL app? Or is it only a dependency for the users that want to store BLL variables in the database?

Its optional, you don’t need BLL, InlfuxDB would not need anything from BLL.

@spkesDE has the same NPM Module in his Telegram app, but he has it completly behind a App Setting, only initializing the coding if a user activates a certain setting.


The parts used voor listening to variables changes is just a wrapper around the App API.
Here is a simpler version i build for chronograph:
chronograph-npm - npm (npmjs.com).
Nothing special.

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For Homey Pro 2023, use test-version v. 1.2.1: