[APP][Pro] Homewizard 🧙‍♂️

I’ve made some changes in my network setup. Let’s see how it goes.

Totally different thing… I’ve made some device icons for the kWh meters. Are you interested in implementing those?


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Sure can do!

v2.1.32 (test/beta)

  • Updated icons for kwh1 and kwh3 (credits to basvanderploeg)

Works like a charm! Thanks! :tada:

Thx pushed it to certification so it will be live soon.

Barely dare to post them, but… I made some more :sweat_smile:


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Lol, what tool do you use? I struggle with vector images but happy to see you can.

I exclusively use Sketch. In this case all the icons are created based on the official Athom icon guidelines.

Added to my repository, so they will be visible from 2.1.33 and above.

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Hi to you all.

I have connected a doorbel and a door sensor to Homewizard (The old one)
They are added as a device in Homey, works great!

But they are not updated in Homey when de doorbel has ring or the door is opened.
In the Homewizard app you can se they are triggerd.

Some idea’s what that can be?


Hi Bas,
Since yesterday I have the same EHOSTUNREACH problem on the watermeter. I also have 1 powerplug that has lost connection. Watermeter and powerplug are online and functional (via native Homewizard app on my tablet)

What did you do to troubelshoot this problem?

Since I got more connection problems with some of my devices, I decided to make a separate (2.4Ghz) network for my Homey and other smart products.

From that moment everything works flawlessly.

@KikkerX10 sounds you suffer mdns problems in/on your router.

The app provides the usage data (total_power_import_t1_kwh and total_power_import_t2_kwh) from my Homewizard P1 dongle - but local API also shows total_power_export for t1 and t2. Any chance to have those in the app as well?

It does that already.

Interesting. I’ve reconnected the device to Homey but no dice.

Any thoughts?

Can realtime gas use be added tot the app? I want to use gas use as trigger for starting the flow.

Sorry english section here. If Homewizard extends their API sure I will but honestly doubt as the gas unit only updates once every hour if I am correct. These units are not powered and run on a battery.

Guessing you don’t return energy (solar panels) back to the grid hence these values are 0 and I hide them when they are less than 1Kwh.

Normaly if you add T1 total +T2 total then you have Totaal verbruik kWh.
And with solar panels then also - T1 teruglevering - T2 teruglevering levering.
With @Frank his measuring then there is 20kWh missing.
Or am I wrong?
Has nothing to do with Homewizard.