[APP][PRO] Homepage Extender (v1.0)

This application extends the homepage dashboard with Homey Pro system information. It displays the current cpu, memory, storage and temperature information.

The homepage app


Homepage is a modern, fully static, fast, secure fully proxied, highly customizable application dashboard with integrations for over 100 services and translations into multiple languages. Easily configured via YAML files or through docker label discovery.

Here you can find the information you need to install and configure the homepage app

Homey-Service configuration

Install Homepage Extender app

Download in the Homey App Store

Configure Service

Add the following configuration to the service.yaml file and change the [homey-ip], the ip address is mandatory

- Smarthome:
    - Homey Develop:
        description: Homey Developer Tools
        icon: https://my.homey.app/img/logo.png
        href: https://tools.developer.homey.app/
        ping: tools.developer.homey.app
    - Homey Pro:
        description: The Next Generation of Smart Home
        icon: https://my.homey.app/img/logo.png
        href: https://my.homey.app/
        ping: [homey-ip]
            type: customapi
            url: http://[homey-ip]/api/app/org.cflat-inc.homepageExtender/getInfo
                - field: cpu
                  label: cpu
                  format: text
                - field: mem
                  label: mem
                  format: text
                - field: storage
                  label: storage
                  format: text
                - field: temp
                  label: temp
                  format: text                


Restart the homepage app if necessary…

Now you should see the following result:



[for later use]

[for later use]

v1.0.0 is now live :

  • Initial release

Thank you !
Do you think that in a higher version it would be possible to add support for data from our connected objects to Homey? I’m thinking of temperature sensors, door sensors, etc.

Nope, you only have space for four displayed values, it is made more to get the current state of the hardware.

But if you click on the widget, the Homey web app opens and you can create your own overview there using favorites.



Sorry, i dont understand where i can modify the file intitulled service.yaml

Thx a lot



Hello, where I can find the yaml file in Homey Pro?

There is none… RTFM

Sorry, its not clear for me, you wrote “change service.yaml file to configure Homepage”. What should be done to see the dashboard using Homey Pro? Some things may be obvious to you, not necessarily to me…

It’s really all in the first post of this thread: “Here you can find the information you need to install and configure the homepage app”

i would say it’s really not clear how you do it. there’s 4 different types of installation, none of them explains how to set it up on the homey. I guess that it’s easy if you’re a programmer but for us normal people it’s totally impossible to understand how to get it running. can’t someone just write a step by step manual how to get it running?

It seems everyone that is having issues with this (Homey) app doesn’t understand what it’s all about.

This isn’t an app to create a nice dashboard for your Homey, this is a way to show Homey data on a dashboard created by a completely separate-from-Homey app called “Homepage”.

If you have issues installing that app, this isn’t the correct forum to ask your questions or to look for installation instructions. You can look here for more information on that.