[APP][Pro] < group > (3.2.4 - Stable)

Log management is a whole other thing, and Athom give no control over them …

But you may find this useful -

I think it will come down to your configurations or situation, what type of group device is it, how many devices, is it always hue devices? Do you restart your honey daily or weekly - hue devices actually all go offline when either the hue app crashes or it updates.when did it last update / crash? Is everyone using a bridge? Like I said - find all the things you have in common (and different.) matter? Everyone on a Ho23 or does it affect all versions ….

The logs will tell you whether the device is still part of the group when you do the command - and failing or if it got removed from the group … i suspect it’s been removed.

Sorry I have nothing more to say about the topic, I’ve made many many posts about how frustrating and useless it is to get messages “it doesn’t work” - I encourage you to work together to figure out what’s causing the issue.

As I said m, if you do that then I will write the code to fix it.