[APP][Pro] Go-e Charger electric car charger

Hi Tim

Did some digging. Here is some pseudocode for the state machine, not sure that it operates 100% but for your review. Use it as you please.

if (status_old!==status_new) {

	Trigger status_changed

	if (status_new="Charging car"){
		if(status_old="No car connected"){
			Trigger car_connected

		Trigger charging_started

		setCapabilityValue('plugged', true)
		setCapabilityValue('charging', true)
		setCapabilityValue('finished', false)

	if (status_new="Car connected"){
		Trigger car_connected

		setCapabilityValue('plugged', true)
		setCapabilityValue('charging', false)
		setCapabilityValue('finished', false)


	if (status_new="No car connected"){
		Trigger car_unplugged

		setCapabilityValue('plugged', false)
		setCapabilityValue('charging', false)
		setCapabilityValue('finished', false)

		if (status_old="Charging car"){
			Trigger charging_ended


	if (status="Charging finished"){
		Trigger charging_finished

		setCapabilityValue('plugged', true)
		setCapabilityValue('charging', false)
		setCapabilityValue('finished', true)


Hi @Tim_Willemsen

Updated the Go-e app into 0.3.4 and the triggers for state changes are completely broken. :open_mouth:

The triggers will activate every 5s the Go-e device is polled. Hope you’ll get the fix for this soon.

Regards Jarkko

Dear Jarkko,

I saw that too. Attempted fix for the triggers actually made it worse. Will fix it soon!

I’ve released a testing version, which works for me.
Could you check?

Hi Tim

I updated to 0.3.5 and unfortunately still not working. At least the “car connected”, “charging ready” and “car charging” is still making the trigger every time the charger is polled by Homey. Couldn’t check the other triggers.

I didn’t get the following triggers at all:
Charging allowed
Charging disallowed
Car unplugged
Charging ended

Regards Jarkko

Maybe uninstall an reinstall of the whole app will solve it, since I don’t have the same issue anymore?

Will try it tomorrow.

Hi Tim

Removed the device and uninstalled the app, and it started working. For some reason the string tags are doubled but I don’t mind :smiley:

The triggers are now working, great! Also I noticed that when I tested the the triggers before I used the timeline notifications to test, that was a mistake. For some reason if there are multiple notifications to timeline, some of them just don’t get through.

I haven’t noticed any mistriggering or missed triggers. :thumbsup: I’ll let you know if I find anything.

The inverted condition now also works at least the “not charging”. And the total energy measurement also works great.

Couple of things that I think is still needed. The conditions for “charging allowed/disallowed” and “car plugged/unplugged” and trigger for “any state change” would be great. After those the app ought to be perfect :smiley:

Thanks again for the great work.

Regards Jarkko

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That’s great to know, thanks for testing!!
I’ll be getting on with the last few features soon.

What did you mean with “For some reason the string tags are doubled”? I’d like to know so I can look into this.

Best regards!



Meant that the device state tag is doubled. See picture below

Ah I see. One of them is the previous_status which I use to determine status change.
I renamed it and changed the ‘gettable’ value to false so it shouldn’t show up there anymore.
Will be part of the next test release soon :slight_smile:

I will try to add the conditions and the trigger too. Shouldn’t be too hard :smiley:

I expect a uninstall-reinstall to be required because I had to change the app.json which caused problems last time.

Will let you know when it’s ready.

https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/nl.phate.goecharger/Go-e-Charger/test/ v0.3.6 is now in test.

Has the fix mentioned before, as well as the two conditions and one more trigger (Status_changed) as per request.

I havent tested all situations yet. Will do so tomorrow.

Hi Tim

Updated the app and there was no need for reinstalling.

  1. Tested the new trigger for any state change. Works perfect.
  2. The condition for charging allowed is working perfect.
  3. The inverted condition for car plugged is not working. It’s triggerin also when the car is plugged in.

Other than that I think the app is now working as it should and is in my point of view as versatile as needed.

Thanks again for the developing the app Tim!

Best Regards Jarkko

Hi Jarkko,

Thanks again for testing.
Good to know 1 and 2 work.

3 does work for me too, so maybe a reinstall will fix this?

Thanks again,
Best regards,



Installed the app again and the inverted condition for car plugged is now working. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the co-operation. Over and out.

Regards Jarkko

Hi Tim,
Thanks to help community by making new functionalities.
May I ask you a question ? (I can not send a private message as new user)

I do have solar PV installation with a Solaredge inverter.
I’m thinking to buy an electric car (with 70 kWh battery).
What can you do with your app ?
Can you recuperate the excess energy produced by the solar energy and charge the car? Is it possible to adjust the recharging power to follow the curve of the solar production?
I don’t have Athom neither the go charger. So I’d like to be convinced of the right solution before I buy the equipment.
Thanks in advance for your replay.
Best regards

Dear Joel_Walter,

Partially, not entirely. It depends on a few things.

My app allows you to adust the Amperage of the charger in a flow, within the boundaries of the go-e charger. This means it allows for changes between 6A and 32A. (but if your household connection does not allow this, the maximum will be less. In the Netherlands most households connections are less, I’ve maxed my changers to 16A)

Effectively this means you can go as low as 6A (*230V * 3 phases = approx 4kW) and as high as 32A (*230V * 3 phases = appox 22 kW) (11kW for me as I have a max of 16A).
If you have a one phase connected go-e charger the Wattages are divided by 3 ofcourse.

My app allows you to adjust the Amperage in homey in a flow. It has some delay (5 seconds to apply and than the timeit takes the charger to slowly adjust, appox another 10 seconds).

There is though a prerequisite: you have to have a solar panels app that allows for triggers in homey based on the supplied power by the panels.

I myself have a setup with Zeversolar panels.The Zeversolar app in homey only has a trigger for 100W, 500W and 1000W so I have effectively no way to follow the curve, since 1000W is my minimum charge power in the Go-e charger (6A).

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your help.

In Switzerland most of houses also have 16A (like mine), so 11kW.
My inverter from Solaredge does have an API and can be configure with Zeversolar (i’v read).
It can bring this kind of infos :

1000W to start the charge, OK. Then with the triggers from Zeversolar, does that mean we can increase the power of the go eCharger and follow as much as possible (like stairs) the curve?
Here would be an example of a sunny day. In orange the car go eCharger :

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Dear Joel_Walther,

The go-e charger can increase and decrease the power output of the carger to the car in 1A steps.
Effectively this is (in a 3 phase setup) 1A * 220V * 3 phase = 660Watt approximately. My app for the go-e charger for homey allows for this in a flow.

You need an input app (an app for your solar panels for homey I mean) in Homey, to trigger flows to do this.
Again, the Zeversolar app for homey does not do this at this time. It has only triggers for >100W output, >500W output and >1000W output. So that’s too few steps and too small to make steps with the go-e charger since it’s minimal output already exceeds 1000W in a 3 phase setup.

But maybe there’s an app wich can readout your Solaredge panels?

Another approach could be a P1 meter app, to get live values from your household connection.
You could think of a flow which compares the output of your household connection (solar panels - all devices in house using power) and increasing the Amps on the Go-E charger until the output of the house is close to zero (and decreasing the Amps on the charger when the output of the house is below zero).

Thanks again for the answer.
The Solaredge inverter is equipped with amperage clamps. As the screenshot shows, it is able to know the consumption of the house and the solar production.
I see another application “Solar Panels”: https://homey.app/fr-ch/app/it.diederik.solar/Solar-Panels/

There’s not a lot of description. It looks like it’s possible to make triggers, but we don’t know how many watts.
Without having the Athom box, it’s hard to know the feasibility of these apps.

Another solution is this pack, but the price is 2x more expensive (without the installation of the electrician):

I was thinking Athom could replace that expensive package. And I’m hoping that tonight might be possible.