[APP][Pro] Flow Utilities

@martijnpoppen If i’m correct. Activity in child zones does not trigger the new trigger cards. Also not seeing off events triggering at all. :wink:

Yes correct so you would need a trigger card per zone

The off behaviour i notice the same. Will check

App update: (Test: 1.4.1 )

  • FIX Trigger cards for individual devices in zone turned off

Actually had 1 more small feature request.
I wanted to use the duration as a validation value (if the duration was less then XX minutes, send message), but now the trigger card only has a string with the time like “1 hour 34 min”, I can’t use that in logic cards to compare it to anything.
Is it possible to add an additional tag to the trigger card (or as global tag (too)) that has the duration (at least) in minutes?

Hi @Caseda

Thanks for the suggestion and feedback! This is indeed handy to add.

We can add a number tag with the duration in seconds as well. So you can use this for the logic. Or just if you like to display everything in seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

I will add this in the next update, but because of holiday that will be somewhere end of the second week of may. :relaxed:

Will update the new version here!


Maybe add a conversion card so you can convert to ms/s/minute/hours/days ? :smiley:

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App update: (Live: 1.4.1)

  • NEW Trigger cards for individual devices in zone, with tags available in flow
  • NEW Action cards for converting text to lowercase, uppercase, first letter uppercase & first letter from every word uppercase
  • FIX Trigger cards for individual devices in zone turned off

App update: (Test: 1.4.2 )

  • NEW Added duration in seconds to global and trigger (flow) tags

CC: @Caseda

Converting card is in progress to convert seconds into desired format.

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Hi guys, I saw this post and thought of your app. Would this usecase be possible in some way?

Maybe, combined with iCalCalendar** the [time to leave] variable can be set in a Google calendar appointment.
The calc [time to leave] minus [chargingtime left] is the challenge here.
( **) As far as I know, apart from Homey Alarms, there’s nowhere to input a varying timestamp/value?)

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That’s an interesting case indeed. I will investigate a bit about this. Will get back on that.


I’m a but surprised (not for Flow Utilities, I didn’t know about the app before @Peter_Kawa mentioned it) that this type of calculation is “simply” not possible, and that this has not been requested a lot in the past. I’m sure there are lots of usecases for this type of calc.

Anyway, it could also work with numbers, if I use/set a numeric var and set the time as “1700” calculation the starting time is easy, but then the challenge is to convert 1700 (leavetime) - 180 (chargingminutes) = 1400 (startingtime) to a timevalue that Homey can use.

The reason I want this is because I want my car to preferably charge on solar but I also want it to be full when I leave, so that it will be forced to charge to 100% at leave time.