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New app update: (Live: 1.3.7 )

  • FIX: small bugfix

I think I miss something. I’m unable to do a math. It’s possible to calculate the total kWh of my wash machine but multiply it would give me zero.

2022-01-25 16:27:38 Droger is klaar na 22 uur 59 min. (2.19 kwH) en totaal van €0.00

Hi Martijn,

I think you are missing the currency card. See my flow for my washing machine below:

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ik heb het gevonden, er moet een logic kaartje tussen maar er is nog een extra kaartje nodig om de berekening om te zetten naar valuta.

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I’m looking for a way to get information about devices when a device is turned on.

device name, device id, zone, device class etc…

could these tags be added to the when a device in zone card is turned on/off?

@Nick_Pauwels The trigger card only checks if all devices are on or off. So there’s no check to find out which device is turned on or off.

Next to that if you have only 1 zone it will create a lot of tokens in the flow. Which is not supported by Homey. (tokens cannot be created on the fly.)

So maybe you could do something with Homeyscript in the AND field? :thinking:

Seems like Athom made it already :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m trying to do is create more robust flows, where devices are dynamic and flows are kept to a minimum. I’m making use of “a sensor in zone was triggered” to start some flows but what is missing now is “A device in zone was turned on” → run homeyscript with tag (for instance:
device id that triggered the card)

Hmm that would be possible I think.
I’ll check with @RobbertV
As I only helped out with creating the app :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite, athom made it for the whole home, not per zone. (i know i can achieve this with logic, but thats means more flows)

Yes I understand.
We’ll check it :slight_smile:

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But it uses only one flow?

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If your only using 1 condition it does indeed, if not there have to be many flows

I’m not getting your point :grimacing:
Can you give me an example?
Because you can add as many conditions to a flow as you like
More than 3 OR conditions is possible with a little trick

@RobbertV: I got mentioned on Facebook by @martijnpoppen to this app when I was searching for a possibility to transform a text (variable from an app) to uppercase. Is it possible to add this to your app?

I have allready written something for my own in HomeyScript (uppercase, lowercase, uppercase first letter of entire text, uppercase first letter of each word), but it might be better doing this with an usefull app instead of my trail and error of coding :wink:

If you would like to get receive my HoemyScriptTry to get an idea of what I did, please let me know.

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Hey @JMH
I added the PR with this new feature to the repo. I’ll ask Robbert to check :slight_smile:

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Thanks @martijnpoppen for making a PR with the new trigger cards for devices and text transformation cards.

I will make a test version later tonight, so keep an eye on the forum :blush:

App update: (Test: 1.4.0 )

  • NEW Trigger cards for individual devices in zone, with tags available in flow
  • NEW Action cards for converting text to lowercase, uppercase, first letter uppercase & first letter from every word uppercase

Many thanks @martijnpoppen

FYI: @Nick_Pauwels @JMH


Super. Thanks for the update

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Thnx both!
Added it to my flow, now waiting for the right trigger to happen :wink:

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