[APP][Pro] Flow Checker

@RogerSt That’s strange. Not sure if flowchecker can handle missing apps :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to checkout the new version whcih is in test maybe that helps for HP2023: [APP][Pro] Flow Checker - #554 by martijnpoppen


Thank you for a extremely useful app, I just throw out a question here instead of investingating the coming days. Will Flow Checker tell me only once that something is broken etc or can it repeat these warnings like every day?

Many thanks!

Only once.
But you can create a flow that repeatedly sends you the statistics from the Flowchecker, the info is to be found in it’s tags.


@Pat_M yes exactly what @Anders_Gregow says

Only the tags contain statistics, like the amount of broken flows. Not the specific flow which was broken

Repeating notifications will be hard to set. If you only want then every day.

Repeating like in every interval should be possible

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Thank you Gentlemen for quick replies, I will try creating a flow for this! Have a great day!