[APP][Pro] FACE++ Face Recognition for Homey

copied that one at it works really good, thx

Looks like a really great app. I have made an account on face++ but i have tot paid to make it work. Do i somthing wrong

No need to pay. You can get the free plan.

Thx. My first face is edit

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@Gruijter I have took the Android api?? Installed the app put everything in now when I add my face I get an error.


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Check carefully if you copied/pasted the entire key and secret correctly. The ‘copy secret’ button on the face++ website does not always work on an iPad is what I heard.

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Been testing for 24hrs now, both inside and outside. Totally 8 cameras and a few more motion sensors. It has now replaced my entire presence system. With a cycle span of 2 seconds within a timeframe it finds every face in my database (a bit scary), 2 mins search frame outside, and 30 seconds search frame inside.

It awakes my house, turning the alarm off, unlocking the doors, morning messages…and of course making me coffee. Donation coming your way.

best regards.


Wow, you put a lot of confidence in this app :joy:

Thx for sharing!

Yes, maybe :smiley:, thought it was a joke at first, but dosent seem that way. Its though very off on age guessing, my daugher is 3 years old, not 19 :smiley:

Just wait a few years and you will see she will act as 19 way too soon :scream:


Awesome feature, have you had any thoughts on ANPR?
Also, is there any options available to the cloudbased database?

ANPR is something on my investigation list, but not sure if the face++ api supports it (I did find an endpoint suggesting they do, but it is not documented)

What do you mean with cloudbased database options?

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Nice work!

Is it an option to use a local processor like a Pi with OpenFace on it (or OpenALPR)?

@gruiter ive got it working now. is it possible to search more face in youre example flow or do i need to make for every person a new flow?

nevermind the question, I was thinking if I could get the same function by running a server locally and at the same time avoiding uploading data into the cloud. Thanks for a great app

That is not something I intend to support.

just add tokens in your flow…

One flow searches all kniwn and unknown faces in an image. For unknown faces there is a bug I need to fix, because it appears the flow is now only triggered for known faces.

do you have an example ? because i dont see tokens of the face++ app when i click on it. or did you maken youre own tokens?

In the app settings you can label each known face. This label is present as tag in the trigger (when) card.