[APP][Pro] FACE++ Face Recognition for Homey

Hi. I have tried your app but i couldn’t fix it. I have made a account on face ++ and i install your app and i filled in settings the Api Key from Face ++ account and the Api Secret key. Then i have to made “Faces” with a face token. Where i can made this. Have i to do this in Face ++ account or have you a manual how to fix this.

Like the instructions say: After saving the API Key and Secret, go to the faces tab and upload a photo of a face. The face token will be generated automatically. What exactly isn’t working?

By the way: I found out that on Android the Homey app doesn’t display errors and feedback (a bug in Homey itself). As alternative to using a smartphone you can go to the app settings via a PC webbrowser: http://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings

This will give you the feedback and might also make it easier to select and upload a photo-file.

When i select file (photo) i got the message AUTHENTICATION_ERROR

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Hi. Now it’s working. Thanks. Now i needed a sample of a simple flow with a camera.

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You are great. Thanks

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I get lots of unclosed server errors? Any idea?

See this issue: https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.facepp/issues/6

Version 1.1.5 is pending stable release. Available now already as test version: https://homey.app/a/com.gruijter.facepp/test/

  • Stability improvements
  • Added toggle API Secret view in app settings
  • Fix threshold settings

When copy/pasting the API secret, you can now see what you have entered by clicking on the :eye:

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Hi Gruijter,
I think this is much fun to use. Got it to work just now for the first time. setup was straight forward.
Now i have the ring pro and let it make a snapshot. I see in several flows that you let the camera search for faces after o sec,1sec,2sec,3sec. This way i am getting 4 times a recognation message. Why is this nessesary?


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Im not capturing the ring camera image, because that indeed doesnt change that often. :wink:
So Im only using the ring motion detection to trigger the snapshot capture of another camera (50 euro Aldi maginon).
Making multiple snapshots with some seconds delay significantly increases the chance to get a snapshot in which a face is captured good enough to do recognition.

Hi Frans

To avoid duplicate hits, try disabling the flow for 5 seconds after getting a recognised face.

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It actually recognize through windows too, I`m getting “caught” when in my kitchen from the outdoor entrance cam, 5 meters away, and in a different angel.

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Awesome App! Working fine! Is there any support link? :money_with_wings:

Go to the app store, and in the bottom you will find links how to support yourself, and to support me :wink::heart::beers:


I received a donation from a number of app users. Many thanks! :hugs: It is always nice to see that people appreciate my work in one way or another :kissing_heart:


Version 1.1.6 is available from the test link:

  • Fix not able to send to Telegram on NO_MATCH.
  • Fix app settings pop-up messages.

This app gives some nice new posibilities for Homey. But it’s a bit creepy too. There was nobody in the garage at this moment: :scream: :scream: :joy:

Nobody there? Or so you think…

And to keep this from happening again:

  1. Make sure that the reference photo’s you upload are of excellent quality (90 or higher)
  2. Put a check in your flow that the quality of the image is higher than e.g. 50
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