[APP][PRO] License Plate Recognition for Homey

New app version 1.1.3 has been released in the Homey App Store.

  • Memory leak fix.
  • Faster statistics update.


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I scanned their terms of use, but their free key is only available for developers Your use of the Developer Environment is for internal, development purposes only

So if I would make an app for Sighthound I would be the only one allowed to use it😬

But they would never know???

Great option and a 1000 a day requests

Maybe adding as an alternative option???

They probably wouldn’t. But not complying to their terms of use would be morally wrong. I like people to respect my own (intellectual) property, so I respect that of others as well.


Great app! Could you please give some flow examples on how to use it?

This example flow is for face recognition, but it works exactly the same for license plate recognition:

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Hi - thank you for your enthusiasm in integrating Plate Recognizer with Homey app. We are grateful for developers such as those on this thread who continue to innovate with our license plate recognition software/SaaS.

I am however, bummed by the adding of “multiple API key support.” This actually goes against Section 3.6 of our Terms of Service (https://platerecognizer.com/terms-of-use-privacy-policy/). “You agree also to use one free trial account and not to create multiple Free Trial accounts for evaluation purposes without the written consent from Plate Recognizer.”

Unlike other LPR providers who have disabled their Free Trial, we continue to offer a Free Trial to our customers so that they can test drive our software quickly and easily.

However, we do get bummed out when folks try to abuse this Free Trial.

May I kindly ask for you to disable/remove this “multiple API key support” from your Homey app?

We are a trust-based software provider and hope that that developer community in general can respect this.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing more great innovations come out of this!

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Hi @LMat

Thx for letting me know about this section. Did I completely miss this when I went through your terms of use? Or did you recently add or change them maybe?

Anyhow, off course I want to fully respect your terms of use. I will therefore remove the multiple key support in the next release.

Thx for creating your web service!


Thanks, @Gruijter. Really appreciate the collegiate trust among the software community.

If you need more lookups for testing/evaluation-- please do reach out via our website at https://platerecognizer.com

As for the Terms update – we do update it from time to time. The free trial section has always been there but its language may have been tweaked over time.

We try to be a good steward to the general developer community with our ALPR webservice - so thank you again for supporting our efforts here!


Version 1.1.4 was just released in the app store. It removes multiple API key support and has some minor tweaks.

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Possible to export logs later, like Papertrails?

What logs?

Your app generates a log in Homey

Is this what you mean?


Or use papertrail to log license plate events via a flow.

Ur right

Can i ask key1 Logic where do you Edit? Or is it in «when»card with a logic card created for the car?like Bmw with register number Logic card?

You need to enter the api key in the app settings.

API key is written! Doesn’t work? Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

The app seems to work fine judging by the logs.

  1. Test the flows. You can try your flows with the built-in test image.

  2. Check the image quality from your camera. You can send the image to your facebook messenger or signal messenger using this app: CallMeBot App for Homey | Homey

  3. Try removing the NO region in the app settings.