[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

Jep that was it. A full restart did the trick. U the boss.

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If the camera is recording. What will happen if the scene tells the camera to start recording if there already is a recording in progress?

@Par_Ostberg theres no way to start a recording from a Homey Flow

Kind request for S330

Dear Martijn,
The S330 apparently offers an „auto-cruise“settings if enabled lets the camera cycle between predefined positions - which is really cool…

Wild it be possible to implement that?

Kind regards

Hi @naehle
As far as i see the S330 doesn’t provide such a feature. Thats only possible for pan and tilt based cameras

It it pan&tilt, and it offers the option

@naehle ah its the floodlight S330.
Eufy made it really easy to also call their 4k Eufycam a S330 and one of the Doorbells is called S330 aswell. Not confusing at all :joy:

I have to check if thats possible. As far as I know its not possible yet.

Thanks, that would be great!

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It worked immediately in the browser. The function is missing in the app.

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New app update (:orange_square: TEST: 3.27.4):


1: NEW: added Motion Tracking flowcard
2: NEW: added Light condition flowcard

1: FIX: HB3 known person
2: FIX: Double detections
3: FIX: better logging
4: FIX: sensor events
5: FIX: HB3 doorbell press after face recognition fix
6: FIX: remove mandatory Homebase from pairing

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Eufy Security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

You can install the test version by clicking the link above and press install

Don’t want to be part of this test version? Install the live version → Eufy Security App for Homey | Homey

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Hi @martijnpoppen , any chance getting this C220 available ?

Should be close to the Indoor cam pan & tilt.

Let me know if you need access or something to existing camera. I’ll be happy to donate something if you get this working…

@naehle i think he was referring to an older post not related to yours

@Nogdose i will check if its added to the SDK, if it is i can add it

Hi @martijnpoppen, I was trying to use the flow card “take a snapshot” through my s340 to send it via WhatsApp. However, it seems like it repeatly sends the same old snapshot. Can you please help me?
Report: f5d1eb7e-5227-4bc6-862c-fbc8be0d9e25

@Luca_Lorenzi can you try a repair of your Homebase and after that a restart of the app?

@martijnpoppen now it worked but it is not 100% reliable. At first try it gave me a grey snapshot, the second try it worked. After the second try all my eufy device went in error and after they restored by themself the snapshot feature worked again.

Report: f0bbcccb-3352-4497-9717-a8b631f0d68b

This is the flow:

The delay card is there because I thought that the camera was not able to process the snapshot in time.

@Luca_Lorenzi correct, in the logs:

⚠ The app has crashed.
Memory Warning Limit Reached

the snapshot feature is really heavy as it opening a stream, i’m working on making it better, but not there yet :confused:

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@martijnpoppen you have done a great job yet!
To notify you of another strange behavior: sometimes it does not take the snapshot:
Idk if I can detect it with the error exit of the flowcard.
Meanwhile thank you, again!

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Hi @martijnpoppen ,

I’ve got an Eufy pan and tilt indoor cam. I’m using an extra account for Homey. But since a while now it keeps getting unavailable after a while. Showing the error symbol. Then I’ve got to disable the Eufy app, enable the app and then I can repair the device and it works again.

Any ideas on what could cause this problem?