[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

@Lars_Laugen still the same as:

Can you try a new account? This is not something I can fix. this is an issue on your account/network


I’m trying to trigger a short 1 sec alarm on my s330 using a flow. But I get this error message.

@Filip_Hammarstrom please send a report

Hello Martin,

So after 2 weeks it did again.


Can you please check?

@Jan_Vitasek please try to restart the app or Homey. Your report show quite some errors. Please next time first try a restart, as that most of the time fixes it. I can’t fix these things this is just the connection between Homey and Eufy which might time out.

Personally i restart my Homey every night because a lot of apps tend to break every 48 hours.

Hi everyone,

I noticed a nice discount on Robbshop. So I’m trying to figure out whether I should buy the Eufy 2k with or without homebase.

I tried reading through this topic but it’s big :slight_smile:

I noticed that streaming to Homey is not possible due to API limits? So I guess that applies to HDashboard? That would be too bad. Having a pop-up in the dashboard with a stream would be very cool.

Or did I missed something?

@Quakerix thats correct cloud streams a encrypted and we couldnt figure it out. So only snapshots now

and for your choice of cam. Check out lifehackster on youtube. He does a review for all Eufy cameras

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Here is the code: 11de8cbb-6ad3-443a-9d6d-ef4263eabd56

@Filip_Hammarstrom looks like you restarted the app and send a report after that. Ofcourse it wont include your try of the alarm.

Please try to set the alarm and send a new report so i can see what happens

Hi guys, installed the app on my Homey, great work! However just a quick question: is there a way to sound the siren on the camera device itself when detecting motion? Is this the generic alarm setting?


Sure. Here it is.

@Joske522 yes it is

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@Filip_Hammarstrom nothing to see in the logs, can you share your flow? also please specify which S330 (there’s a Camera, a Doorbell or a Floodlight cam)
but the error you showed is that you didn’t fill in the arguments in the flow card. you should fill in the duration

Thanks for your hard work, that is awesome! :slight_smile:

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New app update (:green_square: LIVE: 3.25.1):


1: NEW: add self-hosted snapshot option (See: FAQ Q13)

1: Library/API update

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Eufy Security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)


Allow users to use a self-hosted snapshot service to prevent the 30 snapshot per day limit.

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Just tried a simple test flow, but the camera’s alarm is not sounding. I tested if the motion alerts come through in Homey, and this is working. Anything in the settings I should change?


@Joske522 which camera is this?

It’s the Solocam S340 :slight_smile: (connected via the Homebase 3)

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@Joske522 I have the same setup here, will test it as well. I’ll let you know

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@Joske522 doesn’t work indeed. I have to check with the developer of the Eufy library if he knows why. Will come back on this