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@martijnpoppen: is a delay of 5 seconds normal after pressing the doorbell of detecting movement?

@iBosvelt depends. If the notification is also slow on your phone it will be the same in Homey.

The 5 seconds is the difference between phone and Homey. What can I do about that?

@iBosvelt that is strange. You can try this:

Out of experience these are the best settings for streaming and retrieving notifications

Oke thanks! And the last one?

And the second account, which I share the doorbell, had 2-FA on. Can that be a reason?

I have it set to smart display first. Because I use the streaming card in Homey to keep the delay to a minimum

If that’s the case you would have gotten some errors in Homey :stuck_out_tongue:

2FA will soon be implemented though

@iBosvelt So I noticed the same delay today. It’s a bug which was introduced with the big update.

will be fixed in the next release :slight_smile:

Ah oke! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking forward to this bug being fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

New app update (live: 3.3.9):


1: FIX: delay in events
2: FIX: set security mode on startup

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - Eufy Security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

(FYI @iBosvelt )


You are the best @martijnpoppen


First time the doorbell rang it was faster then the eufy notification :slight_smile:

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Yes nice!!!

Hey @martijnpoppen! Somehow the snooze function is not working properly anymore. Daily, when it’s 19:00, I mute my doorbell for 12 hours (homebase snooze on, motion snooze off). This has worked properly, but now when someone rings the doorbell after it has been snoozed by Homey, the snooze mode is instantly disabled and the doorbell loudly rings on my homebase.
I’ve tried some different combinations (homebase snooze on|off / motion snooze on|off / different durations), but when it’s snoozed via the Eufy Homey app, then it does show up in the Eufy app as being snoozed, but as soon as someone rings the doorbell, it’s unsnoozed instantly and the doorbell rings.

Any ideas? Diagnostics report id: dcb170c2-2872-41c0-881e-b3a8b3cba58b

Hey @trietsch
Checked it. All looks good
When you set the the snooze mode via the official Eufy app do you get the same behavior?

Ah yeah should have said that: snoozing with the same settings directly in the Eufy app works as intended. So it only unsnoozes when the doorbell is pressed when snooze mode has been enabled from the Eufy Homey app.

Will try to reproduce tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hello Martijn, is the wrong temperature FAQ still valid? If i look into the device details my dual cam Eufy reports the temperature of 19 days ago.
I would love to you the Eufy temperature as outside temperature for other flows.
Any updates on this issue?

Hey @Wouter_Rijkhoff
Yes still valid :frowning:
Next to that its the battery temp so it will be wrong for outside temp

Ok, didn’t know that. Have to create another way to measure outside temp then.
Thanks Martijn!

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@trietsch think i spotted the difference.
Will try to make a fix

Via official app:

Via Homey

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