[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

@FranklyEpic the beep depends on your settings in the Eufy app. Homey can do the same as the Eufy app so a mode switch in the Eufy app should also trigger a ‘beep’

@martijnpoppen Thanks, thats problematic given my example… I know I said this before but its to prevent the alarm going off if the dog has to go out when Eufy is armed. There is a door sensor, which will trigger, so I am trying to disable using internal motion sensor (use lamp to confirm) then enable alarm after a period of time.


@FranklyEpic Ok but according to your flow thats exactly how it should work. Which part isn’t working?

The only bit not working is the beeping when the mode changes back after the delay.
It wakes people up.

@franklyepic thats out of my control.
I think you can set that in the homebase or keypad settings in the official Eufy app

Hi! Restarting the app doesn’t change the IP so I changed them manually to the same internal IP-address as in the Eufy app. But setting the security mode still only works some of the time.

Hey @Ole_Rosset
if Homey doesn’t find the IP on start then there’s a issue in your network. Homey is unable to find the cameras in that case. That’s also why the security mode isn’t working as Homey cant see the camera

@Ole_Rosset what is your network setup?

Using ASUS XT8 mesh network with separate 2,4 and 5 GHz SSID. Homey and Eufy on 2,4. But how is Homey setting the security mode some of the time if it can’t find them? And how can I go about finding the issue?

@Ole_Rosset yeah that’s the hard part. The solocams are not ‘active’ all the time. I did see this issue multiple times.

Probably the same happens on your phone. But then your Phone takes a cloud connection to Eufy. That’s not possible from Homey unforutnately.

You could try to debug it to put your laptop on the same network and try to ping the cameras. You can also try to give them a static IP in your network.

I have now removed the cameras from Homey > Binded the cameras and Homey to their network APs > Given both cameras and Homey static IPs > Restarted the Eufy app on Homey > Added the cameras. Still they have public IPs in the settings of the Homey Eufy app. In the iPhone Eufy app they have the correct local IPs.

@martijnpoppen Me again! Seem to have this all working by turning off certain alarm parameters within the Eufy app, so no alarm beeping which is great!

Now having an issue with over ride and the alarm not wanting to set. This is because I have 2 battery cameras that I turn off during the day to save battery. So, I am looking to use the set snooze mode card for these cameras.

They have an option for homebase snooze and motion snooze, can you please explain the difference and if either will interfere with the base station alarm?

Thank you! :smiley:

@FranklyEpic so the difference is as follow:

  • homebase snooze - no alarms / automations
  • motion snooze - camera is recording but won’t notify you.

It’s the same as the snooze option in the original eufy app

@Ole_Rosset yes that happens sometimes. I have the feeling these solocams are nto set-up correctly. You might want to ask Eufy about it. As I think the advantage of Eufy is that you can use them locally. This seems not the case for you.

Unfortunately this is not something I can control from this app. (Until Eufy provides a proper API.)

@martijnpoppen Got it thanks,
So does snoozing the homebase only snooze for that device or is it all devices?
Motion snooze will work for the two battery devices if it doesnt interfere with other applications.

Thanks for all your patience

@FranklyEpic not sure actually. Never tried the Homebase snooze :confused:


Can I ask if there is anybody else in this thread that are using a Eufy SoloCam with this app in Homey that are getting the correct internal IP for the camera in the Homey Eufy app? I can set the correct internal IP manually. Would that “fix” the issue?


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@Ole_Rosset setting the internal url normally works. But as I saw earlier it seems like the Solocams are rejecting local traffic. I’ve seen this multiple times already.

If it’s not possible with the regular Eufy app the same will happen on the Homey Eufy app.
Only the regular Eufy app then tries to connect via the cloud. Unfortunately that’s not possible to recreate on Homey.

Hi @martijnpoppen,
Little question; is it possible to change the status led setting (on/off) form homey/flow of the eufy 2C camera?

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Hey @homeypro
Not yet, but i’ll add it :slight_smile:

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