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Sorry if this has been up earlier in the thread but I haven’t found anything.

Is it possible to get the Homey to override the Eufy app?

I have an indoor cam and a Eufy cam 2C.

I want to receive notifications when I’m away from home or between 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM if anything happens.
Otherwise I don’t want to have any notice since I’m home.

I don’t want to go into the Eufy app every time to change modes betwee home and away and I don’t want to use the geo since it need to have the gps active all the time.

I know how to do the flowcard in Homey but can Homey some how override Eufy?

Hey @ducken

What you can do:

Set the notifications to off in your home mode (configure in the official Eufy app)
Set the notifications to on in your away mode (configure in the official Eufy app).

Then via a flow you can set the security mode to your liking. Away when you’re away and want to receive notifications and the other way around.

Please note that when you disable notifications that homey cannot react on events which are happening. Homey utilizes the push notifications for that.

Thanks for your quick reply.

So what mode do I have to set each cam to then?

Can I just create a flow in Homey that says
If I’m not at home or the time is between 10 PM and 8 AM I want to retrieve notification?

When I AM at home, at daytime, can you set the cams not to record at all then?

You have to do that trough the security modes in Eufy itself. Homey cannot override those mode settings.

So if you habe a security mode which has notifications disabled you can make a flow which sets that mode.

The camera recording can also be set in the security modes.

With the security modes I mean this:

So you can edit the modes there and set the settings to your liking and then you can trigger that mode via a Flow

Sorry if I’m silly but how do I set that flow in Homey? How would that look? According to my wishes in the previous post?

It Will look like

If: time between 10 and 12
Then: set Security mode to …

This card:


The flowcard can be found at your Homebase


Thou I can’t set “between times” in the IF card.

Could it be…

If: Motion is detected
And: Noone is home or the time is between 10 PM and 8 AM
Then: Ser security mode to Away

Would that work?

Yes that could work :slight_smile:

But make sure to enable the push notifications :wink:

Yes, and I do that in the home base or on each cam itself i Eufy?

You can set it per camera in the Security modes and then you only have to trigger the Security mode from Homry

Ok, I will try this!

Thanks so much for support and quick replys :smiley::+1:t3:

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Hi martijn, when the alam go’s end I deactivated it the eufy home base alam stays on in Homey, I uploaded a log file e7667303-2e71-4493-a848-e4b05b7d34ed