[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

@martijnpoppen , just tried it, but it’s the same behaviour: on works, off doesn’t.


@Michiel Alright thanks will dive into it!

New app update (live: 2.35.3):

1. FIX: leftover from old Camera Alarm removal for Eufy 2C Pro
2. NEW: add extra options for arming icon
3. FIX: alarm arm mode settings


Question: I’m looking into buying a Eufy Video Doorbell. If connected to Homey running the Eufy App, will the doorcam be visible/usable in Homekit on my iOS devices? I’m running Homeykit for Homey-Homekit integration.

For instance, if someone rings the bell, would Homekit send me a pushnotification on my iPhone and give me possibility to view the videofeed en talk to the person at the door?

Second question, would it be possible to use my HomePod’s as chimes via Homekit Automations?

I hope someone has experience with this chain/setup.

Hi @B-lex
I’m not using HomeyKit myself. But what I can say about some parts:

This wil not be possible. The only way to stream is using the weburl which I made a flowcard for or use the official eufy app. It’s not posssible to get this stream in Homekit. Maybe you can do something with Apple shortcuts when a message comes in? :man_shrugging:

If HomeyKit can react on notifications you won’t even need Homey for that. But not sure about that :confused:
Hopefull there’s someone in this thread who uses Homeykit and Eufy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @martijnpoppen - would it be possible to implement a flow card in the “Then” section that says “Reboot Homebase”?

Hey @Peter_Kalrsson
No unfortunately not. Tried it before :frowning:

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New app update (live: 2.35.5):

1. FIX: error handling for Homey 7.4.1
2. FIX: auth token

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Thanks for fixing @martijnpoppen :star_struck:

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New app update (live: 2.35.6):

1. FIX: 7.4.1 error reports

FYI: all these fixes are for the new release of Homey 7.4.1
Since 7.4.1. Homey actively logs errors which happens somewhere in the application. The app doesn’t crash but it is bad practice to leave those errors. So when I get new logs I’m updating it so the application will be “error free” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure I speak for many, but your efforts are second to none, your pro active nature is wonderful


Thanks a lot @Philip_Montgomery :smiley:

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