[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

Thanks @martijnpoppen, installed 2.35.2, restarted the app, but I can’t see any new options? :blush:



Only changed the flowcard…
Will edit later tonight

Hey Martijn!
Any news yet from Eufy regarding compability to the…kind of useless…homey bridge? :wink:
Thanks and have a nice day!!

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Hey @David_Linder
Yes and No :confused:

Athom is on it, but Eufy is not really eager to help out on this.
Without the approval of Eufy we cannot push this app to Homey Cloud.

Still hoping that someday I’ll hear otherwise


@Athom can you plz help Martijn to get an approval of eufy on this app? It will make the Homey bridge much more useful


Athom already does what it can, it probably has more benefit/helpful to push Eufy to allow the use of the official API, and support on adding support for the Homey Cloud (no bridge is needed).


Agree, I think it would make more sense to push Eufy for a proper API to use. I have already done it multiple times. If you haven’t done it - please do: support@eufylife.com

@martijnpoppen - waiting for 2. NEW: add extra options for arming icon :wink:

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@Peter_Kalrsson Yes coming soon :stuck_out_tongue:

New app update (test: 2.35.3):

1. FIX: leftover from old Camera Alarm removal for Eufy 2C Pro
2. NEW: add extra options for arming icon
3. FIX: alarm arm mode settings

@Peter_Kalrsson :point_up:


Wow @martijnpoppen the updates are fast!
I couldn’t find it any more, but this image appears in my timeline too often :frowning:

Example flow:

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@Wout_van_den_Dool Make sure to have notifications enabled.
Homey reacts on the events of Eufy based on notifications (unfortunately not via API).

Just see Homey as an extra smartphone on your Eufy account.
So if you don’t receive a notification on your phone => Then Homey cannot react to it aswell.

You can check the notifications in the security modes (home / away / etc)

Also make sure to set the notification setting per camera to include thumbnail for the best experience


The thing is, there is no motion detection, just need a snapshot of a certain moment… As proof the hollered hek (Gate) is still open… sometimes I have a false positive… My former camera (Netatmo) was able to send an instant image, triggered by a Homey Flow

@Wout_van_den_Dool ah yes.
That’s unfortunately not possible. In the official Eufy app there’s a snapshot button, but I can’t get that into Homey :frowning:

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If you want to help to push this at Eufy, there is a topic at their community,

I’ve added a reply there :wink: And I’ll send an email to support@eufylife.com thx peter !


Hi Martijn, I see that you are very active with the release of updates. Good job!
Did you also look into the spotlight issue I mentioned? It would be great if this can be solved.

If you need more info, just ask. :grin:

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@Michiel thanks for the reminder. Will look into it :smiley:

@Michiel can you try to turn the light on/off and after that send me a diagnostic report?

you can do that via the mobile homey app:

more - apps - eufy security - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

Hi @martijnpoppen, you should find it via cc4365c7-ccf7-4a3d-ba66-18dbc1e1b240

@Michiel got it thanks.
Can you check if it works via the flow card? :thinking: