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[APP][Pro] Eufy Home

Hey @Johnn ,
Yes sure!
will send you a DM :slight_smile:

Hi Martijn,

Can I add the robovac R550C?


I have an iPhone I need to find the information for aarding the device.

Hey @Yannick_Eeckelaert

If the R550c use the Eufy Home app then probably yes. as long as it is Tuya based.
For iphone it’s not possible to retrieve the deviceId and localykey.
But with a emulator this is possible.

See: [APP][Pro] Eufy Home - #4 by martijnpoppen Q1
As a emulator I would suggest noxappplayer
Install the apk on the emulator and the keys will show up.

I have a c15 Max ,and can’t get the trick with the apk work, as it’s recognized as “not valid” ,probably because of newer installed version from Eufy. I’ve also tried to connect the phone via USB to the pc without any luck. I’ve only got the ip adress, so any suggestion which doesn’t require a Masters in programming ?

Hey @Steinar_Sundberg ,
Did you share the device with another Eufy account? Because with your default account you won’t see it.
If you can’t manage you can share your Robovac with me if you want, I’ll return you the deviceId and Localkey. Let me know in a DM, then I’ll share my email with you :wink:

Downloaded NoxPlayer , and installed the app in post one. Got device id and Local Key ,but just get “could not find that pairSession”
I will dm you :slight_smile: