[APP][Pro] Eufy Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to find deviceId/Local key

A1: Since app version 1.8.0 there’sNno need anymore for lookup of deviceId and localKey. Those will be automatically fetched from now on. You only have to login with your Eufy Home account and the app will take care of the rest

Q2: Does this app work on my Homey?
A1: Homey Pro: YES
A2: Homey (Early 2016): YES
A3: Homey (Early 2018): YES
A4: Homey (Early 2019): YES
A5: Homey (Early 2023): YES
A6: Homey Cloud (Bridge): NO
A6.1: All old Homey’s are Pro now. (The white ball) Only with less cpu and memory.
A6.2: HOMEY is now a cloud service you can run free or with subscription and a Bridge as a local antenna.

Q3: Does this app work for my Robovac
A1: If your Robovac is not listed here. It should probably work