[App][Pro] ESP Easy (Firmware for ESP32, NodeMCU, Wemos...)

Yep. Saw that indeed. Thnx for the great app

Thanx! :grinning:

Now we can devide de groups optimal over the three phases.

Is it possible to have my ESP Easy send general data to Homey as well?

I have programmed a module to control a device using buttons, but the device also responds with (error) codes and LEDs. The buttons can be added to Homey as pulse devices. The LEDs can be added as switch inputs, but what would be the best way to be able read the error codes? I would also like to be able to trigger a flow on specific codes.
I still have to decide how to receive the codes on the ESP. It will probably be through serial communication. I could create rules in ESP Easy to toggle a pin for each error code, but that would result in a lot of separate devices.

I checked the Generic Dummy devices in ESP Easy and I think I can use them to send multiple values to Homey,. But in the ESP Easy app, the devices only accept one value each.

If you configure the dummy device in ESP Easy with multiple values, you should be able to select a “variant” during pairing. But only for device types supporting multiple values like the environment devices. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

I should be able to make the “analog input” support multiple values when using a dummy device as source but that might take some work and testing.

I don’t know if ESP Easy even supports using strings as values so complete messages will be tough to communicate. The do have some support for variables though. If they have strings support, I might be able to hack something together.

Ah, using the ‘Environment’ device does give the option indeed! Unfortunately it only has a maximum of three variables and I have four. The values are also predefined as Temp / Hum / Baro, although that would not be a major issue.
The other device types (Dust, Energy, Gas) didn’t find any devices.

The data I want to send over are just booleans and numeric values:

  • Status indicators: three booleans
  • Error indicators: four booleans
  • Error code: several numeric values ranging from 00 to 99

The error code might be sent through an analog device. Unfortunately there is no trigger card with a value changed to a set number. It only ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’, but using some extra logic cards will probably do the trick.

I would love to make a special “combined” device type where you can add any ESP Easy ‘devices’ you want in a single Homey device but as far as I know, it is not possible to use a capability multiple times in one device without having to define them infinite times in the app manifest. I should test this though, maybe it’s easier than I think.

I’ll try to make it possible to make an analog sensor where you can select up to four capabilities but I’ll probably have to build in a function that prevents selecting a capability twice. Can’t make any promises about when though.

@Joolee i try using the HC-SR04 but i need the “position” option for this in devices,
I am using a ESP-01S for this but what build do i need to use? I would think the ‘energy’ build but i cant get this to work on the ESP-01S (ESP8266).
Edit, found a build that works!

@Yov You don’t want to share this information?

You can’t use the same capability more than once per device but you can add other capabilities / subcapabilities via code at run time.

I do! i used the Build ESP_EASY_MEGA_20211105_normal_alt_wifi_ESP8266_1M_VCC.
With the settings from : HC-SR04 — ESP Easy 2.1-beta1 documentation
And the ESP easy app and it works perfect! Now i only need a way to put this in my cistern!

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I’ll try that out some time. Would be fun to be able to combine sensors from one or even different units into a single device.

@Yov Nice to know somebody is using a device I added recently :slight_smile:

I don’t actually know much about this stuff but you can look up in what release the plugin is in on this page: Plugins — ESP Easy 2.1-beta1 documentation
In your case, the device is supported by Plugin P013 which is simply included in the “Normal” release.

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Its a good solution to measure the level of my rain water! i would love to be able to put a % to this. Etc: 300mm = 0% and 30mm=100% that would absolute be perfect! :smiley:
I do also love the EPS-01s its a very compact and cheap solution for a lot of things! i am trying to figure out the sleep function for this, i want to ad some off grid sensors but i am not sure how to configure this.

Hello, would it be possible to add a ESPHome presence sensor in Homey like this?


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@Joolee is there a specific reason why there only is the option “distance becomes greater than…” ? And not” less then…”? Or invert option? I would like to set a 100% full /50% and “empty” action with this setup. (20cm = 100% / 150cm =50% and 300cm is empty)

A “if distance become…” or “if distance is in between… and ….” Would also be useful

This for my use with “Position - HC-SR04”

Edit: sooo… less then is here suddenly?

Edit 2: i found that the option less then is not available when you try to make a flow from the tab in the sensor, when i make a new flow from the main i have this option. So maybe a small bug…

ESPHome is a different firmware for ESP units. It works completely different from ESP Easy and is therefore not supported by my app unfortunately.

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I understand! Thanks for explaining

Does anyone know if its possible to flash ESPeasy software on a ESP32 wroom using a chromebook?

I only have an android phone and chromebook. been at it for a while, but im getting nowere. at least, for some reason the esp32 shows up as an AP at the moment

@Joolee after a power outage in in mu city one of my esp devices got a new ip adres from the dhcp server, and homey seems to be not getting this information so states that it cant connect to the device. But i can not ad the esp as a new device because [ duplicate_device ] :upside_down_face: (Mac adres) how czn i force homey to pick up the new ip adres without having to rebuild al my flows?

The app should identify the specific esp device by its Mac address. Whenever a signal is send from the esp to the app, the IP address gets updated when it has changed.

Maybe you can trigger a sensor value update or you can add a system info device 4. Add a "System info" device · Joolee/nl.joolee.homey.espeasy Wiki · GitHub
Another option is to change the IP address on the advanced settings of the ESP board in Homey. That probably won’t be possible though if you’ve only added the sensor devices and not the board itself.

helloe @Joolee, yes i always add a system info device,

i can not change the ip adres i did add the sensor and not the board itself.
i did add the board just now as a test, i can do that but i seem not to be able to acces my sensor info then?