[APP][Pro] enigma2


I just discovered the enigma2 app and tried to get it to work. Unfortunately the standard commands (standby, etc.) don’t work. The IP address and port is correct in the settings (as validated by going to the URL in the browser).

Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I have a VU+ Solo2 received with VTI image.

Also, are the commands that you can send to the received standard for Enigma or receiver specific? Love to see a list of possible commands.


It should work with your Box. The VTI Image works like other Software as well.
You can find a list of supported commands here:

Did you have enabled the Webcontrol in the enigma settings? and don’t have a password / user set? The Homey app doesn’t support that and i don’t have enough time to redo the app.

Brilliant, thanks for sharing the codes.

It still didn’t work until I restarted the App. Now it works (not sure why not initially). Thanks a lot!