Sending RS232 from homey

Hi guys, i have a anthem mrx 740 and now i use it from my harmony. It working okish but i want to use it with ip/rs232 commands.

I just dont know how to start, anyone did anything similair? An command list is here:

The unit listens at port 1499.

Hopefully someone can help me.

RS232 is an electrical specification that defines a physical connection method and Homey doesn’t have an RS232 connection.
The link you have given is a list of commands that would be sent over an RS232 connection. There is nothing there to define how the commands would be sent of TCP/IP, e.g. which port to send the commands too, etc.

I also have a amp which can be controlled by rs232. I made a arduino sketch with a arduino board and a rs232 expansion board (about 10 euro total) and use the homeyduinio app over WiFi. But you have to build it yourself.