[APP][Pro] Enigma2 DVB Boxes Support



This Project allows Control of Enigma2 devices via Homey over TCP/IP


Enigma2 TEST :fast_forward:

Source code : GitHub


  • openWebif needs to be available on the device
  • Setup of enigma2 App via Homey required. Start Homey App, open the More section, select Apps Menu, open enigma2 entry and Click on “App settings”

Support Overview

= not yet supported (considered idea)

= supported

when / trigger flowcards

device powered off (polling required)

device powered on (polling required)

and / condition flowcards

in Standby mode

then / action flowcards

deep standby mode → ATTENTION :warning:: see below

reboot enigma2 software

reboot receiver

send command as ID (see below for Info :information_source: )

send message (see below for Info :information_source: )

standby mode

standby wake

Volume mute

Volume set (0% - 100%)

Volume unmute

Supported Languages

:netherlands: dutch - Thanks to Martin Timmermans

:uk: english

:de: german

:warning: deep standby mode :warning:

WARNING: After this flowcard is executed you can’t control the box over the Network Interface anymore!


During the Input you need to make sure you follow these Format: Type|Timeout|Message in between the different Sections no Spaces are required. Here are the different Supported Variables: Type:

  • 0 = Yes / No (currently only Display, no action yet implemented)
  • 1 = Info Message
  • 2 = Plain Message
  • 3 = Attention Message

Timeout - set it to 0 to be endless displayed or Provide Time in seconds

Sending command with ID

  1. Check Google Spreadsheet: Google Spreadsheet
    Green = Fully Supported
    empty Green = Not Programmed in this Device
  2. Pictures of the Boxes can be found here: OpenWebif Box Pictures
  3. Pictures of the Remotes can be found here: OpenWebif Remote Pictures

Credits and original author : carp3-noctem :+1: :tophat:

If you like the app, you can donate here to keep my ChatGPT running :wink: :robot:

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hi markus, just 2 thougts from my side: 1st: what do you mean bey set powerstate? something like boot and shutdown? maybe wake on lan is possible? 2nd: what kind of message do you think of? would it be possible to show an image from a camera (who rings the doorbell)? thx for developing

Enigma2 receivers are able to reflect 5 different power states. These will be reflected by the driver (toggle standby, standby, reboot box, reboot enigma2 sw, deep standby)
WakeOnLAN is possible as far as the box is not in deep standby. So yes this will work.

For massages by default only text messages are supported (as far as I know) but I will check that and search if a picture can be displayed.

Great News, can you please add in the and colume when chanel is or not. Is this possible? Thanks

i can take a look into that. Maybe it will be possible, that depends on how good the channel list is used and implemented. I will come back to you.

But priority is currently to get everything up and running, new features are then allways possible, hope that is understandable. What i know is that it is possible to get the active channel but the naming then needs to be exactly as reported by the feedback.

If i have an alpha version available, i will let you all know here so you can test the tool.

Today i use ssh to power on/off but a app with more features will be great … Thanks

i like the idea very much!

Please add the following options:

  • get current power state (powered on/off) so it can be used as tag card
    (if enigma is turned ON the do this, If enigma is turned OFF then do this)
    The current state of enigma = OFF That kind of cards.
    OFF = standby (screen is black) ON = watching TV/Radio (screen is on)
  • which channel is currently watched
    -which mode is currently used TV or Radio or Recording

make sure it also work on homey 1.5.x

Thx for your effort!

@B3rt I can’t test homey firmware 1.5.0 as my homey is the pro version that was delivered with 2.0.0
For your wish it is quite complicated, as the box itself doesn’t tell the state it is in actively. So I need to ask it permanently what the current state is, that would cause a lot of traffic between homey and the box. So actually I have not yet planned to implement it. Maybe also I will do it for a later version.

For the rest I will see what is capable. Don’t know if it is possible to check if radio or TV is used. Will let you know about it.

Thanks for your wishes.

It think it is rather easy…

Make a flow card for ‘and’ flow option. , when ‘and’ is used then poll the receiver and ask the actual state of the card.
For example
If flow is started AND receiver is STANDBY then turn of lights. etc
If light is turned off AND receiver is powered ON then do this

So it is for me not needed to do the poll on the IF card but more on the AND flow card.

You can do polling every 1 minute or so, other apps do the same, for example harmony or ping etc, they do also a lot of polling to devices.

Yes, for the and Card it will definitly work and i will implement such a function. For the IF Card, i still will see, if i do the polling. It is definitly possible to do that, no doubt. Currently i’m focus on the first runable version so i will see what will be included there. The polling is not yet one of my prioritys, but if it is wished, i will add it later to the driver.

Thanks anybody for the Feedback, aif you like to have more, do not hesitate to ask for it. As soon as i have a first runable version, i will let you know!

@mazpo @Tolga @djesko @B3rt @Tino @Undertaker

I’m done with the first working Functions, if one of you likes to Alpha Test the App, shoot me a message with your Mail Adress, then i will add you to the Test.

If anybody else would like to have access, you are also welcome!

Current Supported is the following:

  • then (Action) Cards:
    • Powerstates:
      Power ON
      Power OFF
      Reboot Enigma2 Software
      Reboot Receiver
      Deep Standby (DANGER: after Triggering, no more Software Control possible)

    • Volume:
      Set Volume to Level (0-100)

Im in ,

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DTO, you have PM

Very cool but i fly today for three weeks in the Holiday. Will Test when I’m back. Big Thanks again.

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Until then, I hope to have more functions allready implemented. :wink:
Maybe also the first stable is then online. Have a nice holiday!

hi markus, thx for your dev and invitation for alpha testing. because my homey will be a birthday present this summer, i cannot support you at the moment, but i will use/test your app when my homey is here:D

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Can’t wait to install. Markus please make a donation button when you’re app is in the store. Thank you again but now is holiday time :grinning:

Hello @carp3-noctem if you need another tester i would be happy to test your app. Currently using the build in http get card to switch on/off my enigma 2 receiver.

Of Course everyone is welcome. The More Testers are able to check the different Functions, the stabler the app will get and if faults are found, i can better track them down.

All that have written me until now are added. If you find Issues, feel free to message here or open a Issue over at Github. I will make sure to implement more functions in the next days / weeks. If i have all Functions available that i originally imagined, i will publish the app, then i will go for the customer requests.

The Current Alpha App was updated to Version 0.0.5 with the following working then / action Flowcards:

  • Powerstates:
    Power ON
    Power OFF
    Reboot Enigma2 Software
    Reboot Receiver
    Deep Standby (DANGER: after Triggering, no more Software Control possible)
    send Command ID’s to control Box

  • Volume:
    Set Volume to Level (0-100)

  • Messages:
    Send all Types of Messages
    Format Type|Timeout|Message required!