Vu Ultimo App?

Hi All,

Can everybody create an app Vu Ultimo Devices.

At least give some info about the brand.

Website, protocol, api ect ect ect.

If someone (not everybody :grinning: ) is willing to take a look, at least show them some information.


Hi, sorry.



Yes, did you make a app? Please!

No no, not at all :frowning:
I just wanted to clarify for @RoyWissenburg what you wanted.
Its the Enigma2 OS for Dreambox/Vu+ and other cable/satellite linux boxes.

I see, that this is a older Topic, but to keep it simple:
I currently look deeper into the Homey to provide such an app. I’ve previously developed it for NEEO as SDK driver and will now look to adopt it to be used with Homey. I don’t know how long it will take, but i will definitely have a look end of next week.

Hello Markus, great to see you here! Big Thanks for the great news, please make a donation button and take your time for the app.