[APP][Pro] ELKO Smart

Has anyone tried changing the sensor mode of the Super TR RF thermostats? It seems it defaults to reading the floor sensor on the device bubble but i want it to use the air sensor instead. Changing the default sensor on the physical thermostat does not affect the Homey device so i guess it would need or be done in both places.

I get this error trying to update the device settings:

Invalid setting type! Got string but expected boolean (checkbox) for regulator Mode

My electrician just installed my new Elko Smart Pushdimmers. I have thermostats from Elko working in Homey already. But the new pushdimmers when I add them (as an Elko device using your app, and choosing the pushdimmer), Homey just says it «could not find a Homey App for this device, it has been added as «Unknown Zigbee Device». The resulting «Uknown Zigbee Device» is working, I can turn on and off and dim the light in Homey, but maybe it’s not supposed to work like this?

Venter spent på denne :smiley:

Sliter med Smart Pir Dimmeren, blir ikke klok på timeren på tiden det tar før lyset slås av. Slår seg av etter 10-15 minutter ish. Har satt «Nedstengingstidtaker» til 3000 sekund😄

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Hi, I just want to second the request for smart tags support. I would be willing to donate money to make this happen.