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There is an update available in the App Store (test version) with the following changelog:

Does this mean that the @Duux app will remain supported and updated for Gen 1 devices, @DuuxBV?

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I just bought the Duux-Beam and paired it with Homey (no issue if you find out you need to connect the Beam to the 2.4 GHz network). Switching modes etc works flawlessly but the temperature and humidity don’t show in the Homey App. Also, may be related, there are no insights? How does this work with other devices or does someone have the Beam working with temperature and humidity?

Anything new here? I recently acquired a Duux Whisper Flex and probably have an even newer firmware than the one that is (was?) compatible with the Tuya. My fan is only detected with the latest Duux app, neither Duux Gen 1 nor Tyua detects the fan after I reset the fan by holding the wheel for 5 seconds and the wi-fi symbol flashes.

As it stands now, it is not possible to get it into Homey, either via Alexia or Google Home. Alexia has support for Duux but not my fan despite them advertising the support on the box and online.

I bought a Threesixty and want to add it to the Homey-app. It asks for a Homey-pincode from the Duux-app, but in that app I can’t find the section where that pincode is. Any idea where I can find the pincode in the Duux-app?

I allready sent a mail tot homey@duux.com in december last year, but they never responded :(.

Settings (top left) then there is a menu option “Link with Homey app”.
But do know that Duux has stopped supporting Homey for a while now, so there is a big chance your threesixty is too new, and isn’t supported in the app.
You can try to use the Tuya cloud app, but that is a lot bigger hassle to get right. (read the corresponding topic for more information)

as for their homey support mail, they disabled it probably, if you want to talk to Duux use their generic support mail.

Thanks, @Caseda. I think my app & Duux are to new then. I don’t have settings top left. I will use their generic support mail and try the Tuya cloud app.

Ah I see they made a new version of the mobile app, didn’t even know that, on android I can still find/install the legacy (Duux (gen1)) app, but don’t think it will matter for your device unfortunately.

I contacted Duux. They say my device isn’t supported yet…

When I want to turn off my Duux Whisper Ultimate I have to send the off signal 2 times. Especially when the fan is in Night mode. Can this be fixed? It’s not the end of the world, but it would be more elegant if I can remove the extra turn offs in my flows :grinning:


I’ve contacted them also how to connect my new 360. The first generation app is still available and still has Homey suppport, but the new generations 360’s needs the new app without Homey support. I hope that multiple questions will help to fix this :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a reaction from DUUX on my question if Homey support is to be expected:

Our Homey App uses local polling to read device statuses and control them. The latest WiFi modules (on which we depend on an external party) switch to a cloud-based system via new firmware. Unfortunately, this system relies on a predefined set of standard functions that do not integrate with Homey. In reality, this means that devices can only be turned on and off.
For this reason, we have chosen to discontinue support for the Homey App at least until any support for it is expanded. Unfortunately, we are dependent on external parties for this.

This may happen in the future, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee this.

That’s NOT true!
Duux just replaced a selfmade Api with a Tuya based version. So they can use the Tuya cloud framework with a customized Tuya app.

I added support for the Duux Threesixty heater (v2 with Tuya) to the Homey Tuya cloud app. So it’s possible to integrate the device into Homey. Not via local access, but via Tuya cloud.

I think all new Duux devices should be usable via Homey Tuya cloud app (raw commands).
But it’s an annoying hassle to set up Tuya app and ask every half year to continue your Tuya trial access.


I managed to get my new Whisper Flex working with LocalTuYa on Home Assistant.

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Any tutorial or link to share related to needed steps?

Which documentation did you find already, and what doesn’t make sense to you?
Where do you get stuck?
I searched for

and the first 3 results provide for useful info and links:

Is that question meant for me? I’m happy to explain how I added my Whisper Flex to Home Assistant, but it seems a bit off topic.

Is there anyone who managed to connect a Duux Threesixty 2 to the Tuya Smart app? I have read a lot of posts on several forums, and my conclusion is that the latest Duux Threesixty 2 doesn’t support Tuya.