[APP][Pro] DirectAdmin - Monitor DirectAdmin servers and domains


App Store Page: https://homey.app/a/com.directadmin


DirectAdmin is web hosting control panel software that lets you administer your website and hosting options using a graphical, web-based interface.

You can manage an unlimited number of websites, email accounts, etc. using a DirectAdmin control panel. DirectAdmin automates tasks so that web servers can be easily shared and give website owners a way to quickly set-up and manage websites.

This app allows you to get various server- and domain details and statistics.

You also will be able to create flows based these statistics and more.


Add the device as you would add any device to Homey. A polling frequency of 15 minutes is used to update the current status of the device in Homey.


Refresh interval
The refresh interval of the data shown for some statistics in the app, depends on how many times a day the stats tally command is executed on the server. By default, this is once a day. Please contact your server administrator if you have any questions about this.


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