[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

I get an error on control two dimmable lights as on when React to changes on the real devices and set the AVD Dim to average.
Created a new one to test if I had a wrong setting but the new created avd has the same error.

“Average is not defined”



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I guess you didn’t create the function “average” yet?


I did that the first time I created one. I checked and for some reason the name was renamed from English to Dutch.

I created a new one with the name average and now it is working again.



Ah I see! The function name should not be renamed by itself though.
The other day I switched several times from EN - NL - FR - EN, but my function names were not renamed/translated :hugs:
So not sure if it’s app related…

What could’ve happened is when Homey is set to EN and your web app was translated by the browser to Dutch.
That can result in unwanted translations (when you hit save after edit).

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It has been a while since I created my first avd so not sure what I have done back than? :man_shrugging:

It has been solved now.

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Question/Request : Can this PLEASE :pray: all be done with/by this app without "GRANTING FULL ACCESS/CONTROL of the whole Homey (Pro). Its a matter of privacy / security (& peace of mind for some users.) . Also people which use any kinds of security app/alarm app like e.g. “Woonveilig/HeimDall/ Yale Doorman” etc. could be seen as negligent when somebody breaks in their house and their security system is connected to a insecure device granting full access to their (smart) home to unknown sources/people. A dream come true for every insurance company (not Having to pay any insurance claim).

Please Don’t take this personal. NOT AT ALL. I am suspicious/cautions in general. :sunglasses:



That’s a pity.


No worries, i fully anderstand the feeling.
But indeed, as @robertklep said, it’s just not possible.

Well, you cannot use Homey as a real security system with insurence, homey is a non-real-security system.
You can do amasing things with the apps like Heimdall, but i trully hope you are not using Homey as the basis voor your real security, since almost Everything is with wireless signals, thus, (very) easy to interupt!

But that’s just my opinion.
I have security systems and camera’s around my house, but the basis of the alarm system is independend of Homey.
Homey is just an addition for it, but without Homey, the basis of my alarms will still work fully and Homey only has some sensor input, can read stuff. Homey cannot open my doors directly or influence the real alarm system.

@DaneedeKruyff or is Heimdall really capable of more?
(Sorry i dont use Heimdall (yet), so im not sure of its capabilities)
But using Homey as the basis for real alarms etc. doesn’t feel right to me.

But Heimdall also got full control rights?

The source of SimpleLog & Heimdall f.i. is open source, you can read yourself what the code does on your Homey.
It’s not that they are like Google and other dataminers.

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All apps using HomeyAPI need full access as they can acess other apps devices, flows etc.

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Heimdall can do nothing more than Homey itself is capable of, it’s just takes away the complexity of flows, Homey script etc.
But it’s fucking briljant if I say so myself, you should try it.


I plan to, but with all my apps, i didn’t have the memory available on the old homey (the only real issue with maintaining that many apps), and my security system is relatively new.

But once i have the HP2023 as main unit, i intend to at least test it!

Heimdall was just (a bad) example. (I dont use Heimdall (yet) and not planning to at the moment.)

and hesitate on every APP with requirements of full access to Homey (like the sysinternals APP for exmaple too.)

I just mean that we all should be cautious. “Better save than sorry !”

No Offense !

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Can you somehow link it also to a Homey standard logic variable too, like you can do to a BLL variable please :pray: :pray: :pray:.
its because the current value/state of a BLL variable doesn’t survive a Homey crash/restart/powerloss and a Home standard logic variable does.

And I would like to keep for exmaple the Whisper/DND Mode the same after this kind of things ↑ happen.

Please take a look here : [APP][Pro] Virtual Devices - Virtual Devices to simulate 1 or more real devices - #606 by Peter_Kawa

Thank You.

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What do you mean? On a non-bugging Homey, BLL variables ARE saved through reboots, yes!

And, even if i change it to a Homey variable, the permission is still needed, because i can only publish one version of the app, with or without. And becuase others do need it, i than still cannot remove the permission.

If your BLL variables get cleared at reboot, please create an support ticket, because that’s not suppose to happen.

But, yeah, implementing Homey Variables into AVD is on the todo list.

Many times when my Homey Pro crashes or loses its power the value(s) of the BLL variables are not preserved / the ladt values/state they should be like just before the crash/powerloss.
Maybe a reboot is fine but not these kind of catastrophic events. :person_shrugging:t2:

Red Iphonitis rigorosa : level 11

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Well, you will not be forced to use these apps.
As written before:

  • standard apps can only access their own devices and flows => no special rights are needed
  • apps using other apps devices or system settings, logic variables etc. are using HomeyAPI and that needs special rights (full access).
    Developers can’t define other permissions like “access app xxx” or “access logic”. It’s all or nothing.

Trust these apps /developers or don’t use them :wink:

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Are you talking about the values of BLL variables as shown in the App Settings, or in the droptokens?

And, why does your Homey crash or loses power? Perhaps you should solve that first, because thats not good m8!

And, do you have a hp2023 or another model?

Because, if you have a HP2023 with the “failing power adapter”, than the attempt of saving the BLL variables could just as easily be a reason for that “random” crash, since writing settings makes it crash sometimes.
BLL saves it variables directly when it is changed, always!

I have both latest Homey Pro.

Snd my HP23 has crashed now already at least a dozen times (red pulse on the ledring) and almost every time I had to cut the power myself to it to restart it.

(… as shown in the spp settings.). By the way.


Red Iphonitis rigorosa : level 11

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