[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Ah ok, my apologies :upside_down_face:



Sorry i’m going to ask a very dumb dumb questions

I wanted to use this app as a nice customisable pushbutton
If “device cap” button is pushed, Then do “something”
But i cant figure out how

In this screen there is systematically no “button” available

And in this on i just seem to not be able to find which function would be best for a pushbutton

Thanks for the help!

Did you add a Button on the Device?

Goto Device Repair to add buttons. :slight_smile:

OHHH thats nice!! thanks!

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  • HP23
  • fw v10.0.0-rc61
  • DC v2.9.29

When I try to set the value of this list picker AVD flowcard:

Error: cannot set value of undefined + UUID

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Okay, ill look into it next week. Do you mind creating a ticket? High prio :wink:

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Ticket created. I’m customer, not product owner - I suggested minor prio. You set the prio for real :stuck_out_tongue:
And thanks!

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Solved in v2.10.3 - thanks!

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Hi, where do I report issues for this app?

For now I report it here:

Advanced flows with cards from this app not mentioned in flow list off app

Advanced flow with Set capability of device card fails after homey restart

steps to reproduce in homey2023 10.0.0 rc61

  • add card Set capability of device in percentage in advanced flow and set it up for all lights in house color temp to variable and attach to variable changed card
  • store and test changing variable: works fine
  • check app in Homey to see flows with cards from this app: advanced flow is not listed
  • restart homey and test again to change variable: nothing happens
  • change workflow, store and test again: fails
  • replace Set capability card in workflow by new one, save and test: works fine

Well, you can create tickets here:
QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.DeviceCapabilities / issues / new — Bitbucket
But there seems to be an issue with login in (which is normally not needed).

For now i have just created a ticket QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.DeviceCapabilities / issues / #35 - HP2023 issues — Bitbucket

But there might indeed be some hp2023 issues, there are a lott of changes.

Thanks. I did try to login with an account and file a ticket before posting it here. But even with an account I cannot file a ticket. Apparently my account does not have the proper rights.

No, something is wrong, i have it open for anonymous.

v10.0.0-rc.62 was already released two days ago.
Don’t know if the problem is app or firmware related, but imho in the current beta status of the HP23 it’s important to always have the latest firmware installed. Problems with apps can also be caused by the firmware.

Retried with rc62. Issue is still there.

Not good, but good that the firmware can be excluded.

What do you mean by this @Eric_Richters .
Do you mean that when you have a flow with DC-flowcards in it, when you goto the Homey Mobile App and goto the App, it doesn’t show the flow listed there?

You are right, and thanks for reporting it!
A while ago, users asked to save resources, so there are some things not loaded by default.
For some flowcards, that data is needed tho.
I have rechecked all flowcards to make sure loading is executed when needed when using cards.

I will update the test asap, first fix another reported hp2023 bug.

Thanks for the hard work. I am looking forward to the new version.

Answer to your question above is yes. You’ve interpreted the issue correctly:

I do mean that when you have an advanced flow with DC-flowcards in it, when you goto the Homey Mobile App and goto the App, it doesn’t show the flow listed there.

Advanced flow with DC cards are not listed there. Regular flows with DC cards in it do show.

You mean the flow listing on this screen I guess, but it doesn’t show Adv.flows with any app, so it’s not a specific DC app issue imho

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Indeed @Eric_Richters , if this is what you mend, this is not yet implemented by Homey/Athom.
(And outside of what we app developers can program).

Important notice

I have changed how Chronograph send’s it Chrono’s through the API realtime.
I had added a few extra properties, like elapsed, but the increase of that seems to bottle neck older HP with many, many Chrono’s

Becasue of this i made a change: Meaning, you need to update the DC app on the same time if you are using Chronograph reflection.

Chronograph is live now, DC is in test now.

Sorry about this, but the last few days i have been trying to resolve issues with users of Chronograph, and this seems the best think to handle that.

Plus: Chronograph will now use way less resources than it did before: It will not send a realtime each second for each running Chronograph, it will send one realtime a second in total.