[APP][Pro][Deprecated] Arlo - Security Camera

Hi @Mikael_Olsson welcome.

As soon as I have a stable app, ill be moving to beta.

Likely this will be after base stations are added, as they allow for device to use a heartbeat rather then a reconnect every 3 minutes.

I believe it is close, however I am only able to work on it during my limited spare time, which is shared with my other apps.


Also no Arlo camera`s yet, but Arlo seems to be the option for my. So I will follow this topic.

Just a word of caution to all prospect Arlo buyers.
I have some Arlo cameras and while I like them because they work well, look slick and on the whole pretty good and simple to use.
In terms of integrations they are the very opposite, for instance they have IFTTT integration but only the most basic and rudimentary so in reality you cannot use it (or instance you can only toggle between armed/disarmed not set custom modes which means if you use custom modes you cant use IFTTT), same thing with the Chime.
If you ARLO and IFTTT you will find countless of posts with people who are asking for integration points.

Now, a Homey app might solve this (and I surely hope so), but if an open echo system is important you might wanna look at another brand, in hindsight I wish I had…

Any chance of putting the code on github so people can help out?
I wrote my own Arlo homey app a while back but gave up as I had limited time (and the Arlo API is very strange), but I would gladly help out with this effort…

The beta will be open for contributions, however we are currently in alpha.



Version 1.3 has been released, this includes lots of fixes as well as the first ‘base station’ (VMB4000 - or Arlo Pro Station).

While the base station does not currently offer much in the way of features, it will make your connection to the cameras much more robust, hopefully fixing some of the issues you may have experienced.

If you have a VMB4000 - add it and let me know how you go, if you dont, please also let me know if the changes I have made have fixed anything.



Just wondering how everyone is going with 1.3.1?

For me connection with two Arlo Pro 2 camera’s is stable, even the motion detection works well!

Is that with the base station added @kooskortekaas ?

yes I do not experience any difference!


You got a bug report from me regarding the red cam image error. Other then that it looks ok on motion. Havent tested sound detect yet. Was a issue in old version with that as you know :wink:

@Jamie what did you change in 1.3.200?

Very very little, thus the minor revision number change. Some logging information was changed.

Has anyone else noticed that after a while the image stops showing and instead a generic red error shows?

Sometime I have this problem

Happens about a day or two after the app is started. I can almost put in a restart on the app to keep it working. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a problem like this.

I did not get an actual image of the moment there was motion but that’s because it’s in alpha, is that right?

@Teddy If it happens if you could send in a diagnostic to me - I should be able to fix the issue.

In the Homey app

  1. In the Homey app, go to More (…) , then tap Apps
  2. Scroll to and click upon the app you would like to create the report for.
  3. Tap the gear icon in the top left of the screen.
  4. Tap the Create Diagnostics Report button.

Fill out the popup with as much information as possible, starting with your forum name and slack name.
As well as things such as -

  • Why you are sending the log?
  • Which device is the issue?
  • When did you notice the issue?
  • When was the last time there was no issue?
  • What happened before and after you experienced the issue?
  • How can we reproduce the issue?

Basically there is no such thing as too much information.

@kooskortekaas Sorry what do you mean? As in the flow are not working or … ?

I can say that it not possible for me to request an image - while it is recording an video, though triggering a flow when you have a new recording should be possible.

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Would it be possible in the future to send a screenshot when, for example, the doorbell rings :)?