[APP][Pro] deCONZ [Abandoned]

My zigbee network on HP23 has been pretty stable in the last week, comparable with Deconz I would say. I do have plenty of routers though (Linkind bulbs, Tuya plugs and only Aqara sensors). I still suspect I have wifi interference in the morning with some of the motion sensors (delay or missed motion alert), because I had this with Deconz as well before I changed the channel. Will change channel once it’s supported on HP23, it’s an occasional issue and only in specific places.

@wesley_w I would definitely give HP23 native Zigbee another try. Maybe try to add some supported cheap plugs add as router here and there? BTW: I don’t think devices dropping from the network should be caused by interference.

No experience with switching many bulbs at once, I only have a set of 2 in the kitchen and that works without any noticable delay.

Yes my zigbee network is stable at the moment. 4 routers and 17 end devices. So at the moment I’m quiet happy with the zigbee performance of hp2023

Yes - After a few days I have to inform everyone that my Zigbee Network directly to HP2023 is extremally stable and fast. I ditched some IKEA tradfri repeaters that where used in de deconz setup. I use some INNR and TUYA plugs as routers. I cannot see the node connection at the moment in the developer webpage but my ques is that all is routing properly.


I also turned off deconz last weekend with no problems

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How do you guys run Deconz (Conbee II) on your Homey Pro 2023?
VM, Docker Raspberry etc ?

I now run everything directly via Homey 2023…

But is there a sdk3 for Deconz?

no, that’s why everything transferred to homey itself and so far no problems

The Conbee is registered with Home Assistant. The devices are then transferred to Homey via the HA app.