[APP][Pro] Dashboards

Just in case it was not reported yet, when I “Edit Widgets” and then click on “Add”, the Settings of the previously added/edited Widget reappear.

Ex.: Here, i just clicked on “Add” and see the “Capability: Sensor 1 - Battery” added on the previous Widget


Click on the recycle bins on theses settings does nothing (only the recycle bin disappears)

If I click next, for example, a “Device”, this one is properly added in the “Preview” section, but I still see the previous Settings:


Only when selecting the “Device not configured” in the “Preview” section, the previous settings disappear. So, configuring a new Widget is not a problem. It’s only a bit confusing (as this was my first Dashboard :slight_smile: )

Apart this small glitch, this App is Great !!! I will try to redo my ‘OpenHab’ Dashboard :smiley:

Hello @Patrick_Freitag

Would you mind to explain who you did the weather forecast view in your dashboard ? is it an iFrame or a custom build ?


That old stuff is here also.

Now I go click direct “Device not configured” for the new one. The old one go’s then away.

A few day ago I could not get my 2 virtuele dashboard on line.
This because I used direct links to all.
My non virtuele dashboard was OK and I found that the IP-adressen of the 2 virtuele dashboard where changed.

Because of my direct links to them, I noted now that on 1 virtuele dashboard editing’s are not saved.
An F5 is losing new or edit stuff and I have to do that often. To restart dashboard if it’s hanging.

Still I can’t copy my non virtuele dashboard to an empty virtuele one.
Maybe now better that way.